Nickel Independent Film Festival’s annual 48-Hour Music Video challenge is a fabulous and fast-paced collaboration wherein a local filmmaker is given a local song, and a mere 48 hours to create a music video.

Juries from MusicNL and the Nickel sort through submissions and pair the participants up. The filmmakers then work with the musicians on a concept, pull together a small film crew and shoot the video over a 48 hr period. The videos are all ready, and you can cast your vote this month BY CLICKING HERE. The winners are showcased and will be awarded prizes during Music NL Week in October 2016.

This year’s pairings are:

Aaron Elliot & The Swinging Belles

Jamie Skidmore & Pilot to Bombardier:

Ashley Harding & Rafiki:

Mike Fardy & Land of the Lakes:

Jana Gillies & Lookalike: