Hot on the heels of winning “Group of the Year” at the MusicNL Awards last night, Newfoundland darlings The Once are premiering their new video in territories around the world today.

The band is somewhere between France and Spain this week, as part of an extensive European tour, on which they embarked after sweeping through The States this summer/fall as well. Fittingly, “All the Hours” is about missing your favourite people while playing to strangers on a tour. “Every road I travel on,” the song sings, “leads me away from you.” Andrew Dale from the band had this to share about their song, “All the Hours,” and its video:

“I wrote about being away from a girl named Erin (at the time, my girlfriend … now my wife). Amidst all the joys, all the excitement of being on the road (traveling around the world, seeing amazing places, meeting incredible people and discovering the connection that exists within all of us), there is another side as well; the side that sees you often away from the people you love the most, the side that is filled with the irony of spending so much time in front of strangers who at best know you on the surface, and so little time with the ones who know you at your most intimate, most vulnerable state of being.

Trying to remain connected to those loved ones on a day-to-day basis when you’re on the road is a constant struggle, especially when your days are so busy. You search for small windows here and there to reach out … a phone call, an e-mail, if you’re lucky a Skype date. But it can be a challenge sometimes to be truly engaged in the conversation, without distraction. Even if your heart is there with that person, your head might be in several other places, swimming around trying to make it to shore, and all the while hoping that they don’t notice you’re struggling to keep focused. To be present, in the moment.

‘All The Hours’ speaks of those struggles, but it also offers comfort and reassurance. It speaks of weakness, but also of hope. Hope in the knowledge that we always find our way back to those we love, no matter how far away we may be from home.”