Can It, You Worldly Fellow!

“We get it. You’ve lived abroad. You can Sprechen other languages, si? Like Francais! You know of cultural quirks and foods we don’t! Amazing. But if you were really all that interesting, you wouldn’t have to play that shit up and work it in into every — like EVERY — single conversation would you? It’s awkward and worse: annoying and weird. You be you, bro, in the here and now, not the then and gone.” – Ugh

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  • I read this and for a second though you were talking about me, a little insulted but then I realized I don’t brag about my language skills, actually i speak bastard everything. But, luckily you talking about some dude who is a travel nut. We need more of them here. Fuck the boring shit, i’ll gladly talk about countries I’ve never been and get a few tips.

    It’s weird that you keep ease dropping on whoever this dude is. My advice is get to know the guy, he can probably help you with how passive aggressive and petty you come across as. Personally, I’d like to backpack through South America with really bad spanish.

    Why use this avenue to troll yourself in? Merry Christmas

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