There are no noodle dishes in the Treasury of Newfoundland Dishes. As a people, it took us a while to come around on noodles as a choice component of tasty dishes. With Bad Bones Ramen (152 Water Street) entering its second year of operation with no signs of slowing down, Noodle Nami is looking to help meet the city’s craving for ramen.

Noodle Nami is a casual noodle-bar styled restaurant with a range of food from authentic Asian noodles to European fusion pastas.

“We love noodles, and to have one place where you can find different style noodles was an exciting concept for us…where noodle soups, pan-fried noodles, and anything in between from various ethnicities can come together,” says Stella Yang, Regional Manager of Sushi Nami Royale & Noodle Nami in Newfoundland

“The name of Noodle Nami came from our sister brand, Sushi Nami Royale, whom specialize in Japanese cuisine,” says Yang. Sushi Nami Royale, which has been around since 2007, currently operates from five different locations in Atlantic Canada.

As Regional Manager, Yang ensures that the restaurants run smoothly upon opening, and expand the brand by opening new restaurants when needed. “Noodle Nami was created in the response to the overwhelming positive feedback from Sushi Nami Royale’s ever-so-popular ramen.”

“The word ‘Nami’ means ‘wave’ in Japanese, and even if Noodle Nami isn’t just Japanese noodles, we wanted to have a name that our customers can relate to Sushi Nami Royale,” says Yang.

Noodle Nami has moved into the space formerly occupied by Pasta Plus Café, on the first level of the terrace in the Square. Those who remember the long-time Churchill Square stalwart will recall the eatery’s dark, intimate atmosphere. The team behind Noodle Nami renovated the space with the casual diner in mind.

“We wanted to renovate the space to be simple and elegant yet comfortable,” says Yang.

“We loved the idea of our customers to see the various languages of the history of our noodles so we created our Noodle Nami wall where many words are written, such as “おいしい“ which is ‘delicious’ in Japanese and “麺” which is ‘noodles’ in Cantonese. We brightened up the space to make it welcoming, and the grey scheme feels calming.”

So, what’s good on the menu? Yang recommends trying it all.

“Sometimes I crave Japanese ramen, other days I crave Vietnamese pho and authentic Cantonese chow mein. Noodle Nami satisfies my need for various cuisines. If you’re looking to try something new, I suggest coming down with friends and ordering a few things. The portions are large so it’s perfect for sharing!”

Noodle Nami is located in Churchill Square, Terrace on the Square, in the lower level. Open seven days a week.