Impaired drivers are the number 1 cause of criminal death in Canada. Here in Newfoundland & Labrador,
we’re in the ballpark of 2,000 drunk driving incidents a year. Marcus Tucker’s “Designate a Driver,”
AKA DAD, aims to help curb these shocking statistics.

How does DAD differ from just calling a cab? They’ll take you and your car home. It’s a perfect service for
the convenience of getting yourself we’re you’re going, and deciding on a whim if you’ll drink.
It’s a perfect service for the times your designated driver decides to drink. And it’s a perfect service for the
times a simple little get together evolves into the party of the year and you wind up drunk
and need to call good ol’ DAD to come get you.

Being brought home in your own car means not having to walk or cab back to it the next day.
The cabfare savings alone are reason enough to welcome Designate A Driver here with open arms.
It’s an idea Marcus Tucker decided to introduce to Newfoundland after seeing it in action in Alberta.
He frequently used the service, and thought it was too good an idea not to implement here.
So he took a break from his job as an oilfield service provider, and has just about established
the service here in his home province.

He was inspired by witnessing one too many people make the irresponsible decision to drink then
drive themselves home. He sees Designate A Driver as the final option or resource for the inebriated
not to drink and drive – between cabs, designated driver friends, public transit, calling a friend,
and now, calling a service to drive you and your car home, there’s just no reason
to justify driving your drunk self home.

How does it work? It’s simple, and much like the “Double Jiffy” of days gone by: two people from DAD
will drive to where you are, and one will get out and drive you and your car home. The fee is pretty fair
and based on kilometre count. It’s roughly 25% cheaper than the option of cabbing home and then
cabbing back to your car the next day. If a 5KM drive costs $10, instead of charging you 2 x $10
(what it would cost you to cab home, and then cab to your car the next day) you’ll be charged $15 instead
of $20. So, it’s convenient and it’s cheaper. Thanks to this great new service,
you can consider yourself even more of an asshole to be driving drunk in the city.