We’re coming up on the half way point of the BurgerBattle, and some of you are already more than halfway done. Kudos on that multitude of munching. How many have you tried? Last we saw on Instagram, @havingascoff was on her 14th burger on the 11th day. She’s outpacing our food writers.

Here’s some of what’s being said so far. Have your say on this month’s #BurgerBattle poll:

The Big Kahuna

“It was delicious of course. The pineapple and pork belly combo was the highlight for me.” – Anon 

“Sick. Like sick in the sickest way sick. So Good!” – ANON

A Clear Consensus:
People are Loving the Sweet Blast of Roasted Pineapple on Here.

Moose Pork Burger 

“Thick and compact, this burger is a tower of dense deliciousness. Nicely balanced salty, tart seasonings and brioche sweetness. Thick juicy moose/pork patty with a touch of gaminess, and it’s not over cooked. Well done Bacalao!” – Dave Pinsent

“Is it the sweet complementary action of the malt aioli, smoked duck bacon, and pickled wild mushrooms that makes this amazing … or is it the friggen onion ring that’s right on the burger? Genius food here.” – ANON

Bacalao was @havinascoff’s 10th burger of the 20; She’s well past the halfway point now, you?

The BSG Mess

“Had the BSG Mess tonight. Unreal! Easily one of the best burgers I’ve ever had! Not to be missed.” – ANON

“The smoked smoked cheddar cheese sauce and truffle jalapeño aioli really set this one aparrt, and the delicious pretzel bun doesn’t go all soggy. A lot of thoguht went into this fine, fine offering. 9.9/10!” – ANON

@Havinascoff on her 7th: Bernard Stanley’s BSG Mess. 

Mushroom Jam Beef Burger

“Amazing burger. A unique blend of complimentary flavours, and the deep fried brie adds an amazing, cheesy crunchy twist. My favorite burger in ages.” – Bill

“Wait. ‘Red Wine mustard’ and ‘deep-friend brie’!!! Wine and Brie are my favoruite things, and so are burgers! A trio of tasty tastiness!” – Anon

A Clear Consensus:
Deep Fried Brie on a Burger Is Clearly a Crowdpleaser.

The Moose and Pig

“I don’t know what in the Jesus the b’ys in the kitchen went and did here, but it was 400% deadly!” – ANON

“LOL, I feel bad for my waitress, I was way too drunkenly enthused about this burger!” – Sorry Guy

A Clear Consensus:
Late Night Eats on Water Street Just Got a Little More Sweet

Chorizo Double Bacon Cheese Burger

“It’s the best of the 4 I’ve had so far, and I am not surprised, because they had the best last year too. And the year before when it was a taco challenge. I guess when you’re the best resto in town, no one should be surprised you make the best burger in the BurgerBattle.” – ANON

“Double the patty, double the flavour of most burgers in this challenge. Serious standout right here ,you guys!” – ANON

Chinched won our first Burger Battle in 2015, and took Editor’s Pick Last Year. 


Portebello & Tofu Burger

“Fantastic burger! Excellent taste and quality. My only beef (pardon the bun); is that it is unnecessarily large, making it awkward and messy to eat. I suggest making the patty smaller.” – ANON

“Save this gem for the midway point in the challenge. It’s a nice, light, low cholesteroal break from all the beef and bacon!” – ANON

A Clear Consensus:
Many a Carnivore is learning a meal doesn’t need meat to feel complete

The Newfoundland Burger


“There’s a special something on the go here on this burger, that none of us could quite name. It’s straightforward good stuff. Highly recommended and the side of parm fries are killer” – ANON

According to Instagram, this one is the favourite of local blog/ger, Tint of Ink.

Bison Breakfast Burger

“WHAT! Bison, bologna, peanut butter … was this cook high? Must have been, to create something to utterly good! It’s out to lunch, and worth going out to lunch for!” – Darren

“Touton buns! The buns are toutons! Breakfast just got flipped on its head. And never tasted so good.” – ANON

A Clear Consensus:
People Are Loving a Breakfast Burger, Especially Those Looking to Check Off 2 in a Day.

Rabbit Saddle Bacon Burger

“I dunno what ‘Rabbit Saddle’ even means, but giddy up, cowboy. This was one wild flavour ride for the tongue.” – Burger Brad

“I don’t know what lobster mushrooms are, but I know mushrooms make the burger, so, I was intrigued then pleasantly surprised by Jacks — a restaurant I never would’ve gone to if they weren’t in this challenge. Kudos for not being a bunch of food snobs in selecting restaurants. It’s fun to try new places not downtown.” – Benjamin

A Clear Consensus:
Google Has Experienced a Spike in searches for “Rabbit Saddle” this month. 

The Bella Burger

” 9 Mmmmmmmmms out of 10! A real knowckout.” – 3 down, 17 to go

“Get in mag belly, Bella! I’ve had two already this month, lol!” – ANON

A Clear Consensus:
Magnums is Always a Big Hit with the Public in our Food Challenges. This Year’s No Different.

The Peanut Butter Burger

“The best burger I’ve ever tasted!!!!! The best burger I’ve ever tasted!!!!! The best burger I’ve ever tasted!!!!!” – ANON

“Oh my God. I can’t count the ways peanut butter makes sense on a burger, like cooling heat and holding it all together. Daring and deadly, b’ys!”

Actor Jason Mamoa clearly enjoys Merchant Tavern’s Peanut Butter Burger:

Halliday’s Dbl Cheeseburger

“A great classic take-out style burger!!” – ANON

“Wendy’s and Big Macs and shit will never be the same now that I’ve had what they really should taste like.”

@havingascoff made this her 14th of 20 burgers this weekend. She’s officially outpacing The Overcast’s writers…

The Omaggio Alla Polpetta

“The burger is delish. I think Piatto should add this burger to their menu. Really great.” – ANON

“Here they go again: the pizza joint that can rock-a-burger joint! Even better than last year’s offering!” – ANON

This pizza joint is a serious contender in this Burger Battle:

PJ’s Bacon n Eggs Burger

“The coffee rubbed patty is where it’s at.” – ANON

“This is brilliant. I’m no morning person, but this has all my favourite morning-related things: coffee, bacon, eggs, spinach yes, yes, yes.” – ANON

A Clear Consensus:
If this burger is a reflection of PJ’s rebranding, we’re all in for a treat on Kenmount.

The Big Reluctant

“Sweet, salty, spicy, juicy, crisp, fresh, tangy, deadly bite right there by’s” – ANON

“The burger is good, but like, so was absolutely everything on the menu. First time in, this palce is a gem!” -ANON

A Clear Consensus:
Very sad this will be their last month. Book a table and raise a glass. They did everything right.

A Walk in the Woods

“They won last year, they’ll win this year.” – Sure of It

“‘A Walk in the Woods?’ More like a walk through tasty town and my whole tongue’s the map!” – ANON

Seto Won Critic’s Pick last year … will they take it again? Here’s a snap from our food writer, Gabby Peyton:

Green Chili Pimento Cheeseburger

“Mark McCrowe is God.” – ANON

“Holy crap. This place is ridiculous. Everything is $5 and delicious. Seriously, wtf! Oh, and yeah, deadlu burger” – ANON

A Clear Consensus:
People enjoy a menu where nothing is more than $10, or less than tasty

The Night That Patty Murphy Fried

“Excellent burger, beautifully presented, beef perfect, pepperoni a nice touch, sauce very good, lovely soft bun; too small!” – ANON

“The most delicious pun on a bun this town has ever seen.” – ANON

Ocean and Earth

“Ocean and Earth is a great name for this burger, because when I ate it, it felt like a world of flavour was shaking in my tummy, yummy yummy.” – Girl Who Ate 4 Burgers in 5 Days

“A burger for the indecisive: you get a little bit of everything here!” – ANON

@havingascoff’s one dozenth sampling, Yellowbelly’s Ocean and Earth