Worth Your Dime: Peggy Tremblett’s Customizable Russian Dolls

Peggy's Dolls 5

Who do you want as Russian nesting dolls: The cast of Star Wars, the guys from Kiss? Your family’s portrait, or a sweet suite of literary legends to display in your bookcase? Peggy Tremblett’s done it all in dazzling detail, and she’ll do it for you. Get in touch: peggytremblett@yahoo.com. Or check out tons of her work on her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/peggylynntremblett. You’ll be getting to see plenty of her work via The Overcast. She’s the official staff doodler.

Peggy's Dolls 2


peggy Dolls 1

Peggy's Dolls 7


Peggy's Dolls 9


Peggy's Dolls 8

Peggy's Dolls 4

Peggy's Dolls 6




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