Public Poll: Share Your Thoughts on the 10 Burgers in The Overcast’s Temporary Burger Challenge

Use this form to share your thoughts on any or all of the burgers in The Overcast's Temporary Burger Showdown.



You’re here because you’ve tried some or all the burgers in our Temporary Burger Showdown.

Thanks for playing along: use the form below to share your thoughts on any or all of these burgers.

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  • Thanks to The Overcast for creating this challenge! A great way for us to showcase local products while havin’ a bit of fun with our colleague in the restaurant industry! Come to Bacalao and try our delicious moose burger on a homemade brioche-style bun with my Blueberry-Chipotle Ketchup (enhanced with local maple syrup, a Bacalao exclusive). Served with sweet potato fries. Available only at Lunchtime!

    • The two writers will share their thoughts on the burgers, as will the public. There’ll be no winner per se, because there’s no real way to compare all of these fairly. So we’ll post general consensus in our March issue.The real idea here is people get out and try some great burgers at some great local restaurants.

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