The Bull Horn: Rants, Confessions, and Missed Connections

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I See You

“I see you, pretending that you care about the issues all of a sudden, now that you need our support (but it’s funny that I never saw you before). I see you trying fruitlessly to establish opinions that you think are right, that you think won’t alienate anybody, and I see you failing. I see you on social media, suddenly displaying a wholesome, neutral, white-bread, phony image. I see you publicly standing proud as a feminist when privately you are anything but. I see you, and I’m sick of it.” – Citizen

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Andy Wells

“Andy Wells, St John’s needs you back to save us from the thin-skinned useless bunch currently at city Hall. We need Sheilagh and Dave and Doc and Gagway gone and we need a real leader who gets things done, at a reasonable cost, for the taxpayers. We’re sick of these foolish studies to assess the need to study the need for_____, we’re sick of busy-body pet projects, we’re sick of ineffectual policies and stupid bike lanes to nowhere all at massive cost. We’re sick of million-dollar golden parachutes. We need our roads fixed and the property taxes down, not plastic bag bans and feel-good programs for 0.01% of the population while sucking up grossly inflated amounts of our sparse dollars. Please come back and run for mayor. You’ve already got my vote (but I’ll spoil my ballot in protest if it’s more of these same idiots down in the bunker).” – ANON

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Just So We’re Clear

“Just so we’re clear, a bunch of white bayman can violently protest outside of DFO and kick windows in, break property of the government!, and they won’t be charged. But Beatrice Hunter, an indigenous woman, peacefully tells a judge, no, I won’t stay away from the Muskrat project area, and she is put in a MALE prison immediately, stripped searched, humiliated? Give me a break we’re not racist bullies, how is this fair?” – Humanity Itself

They’re Not Out to Get Me!

“You know how restaurants and movie theatres, or whatever, give you a water with like, 8 be-jesus-million ice cubes in them? It turns out that’s because more ice cubes means colder water, which means the ice lasts way longer! All these years I thought I was being ripped off, because more ice meant less volume of drink (a way of ripping cosumers off). Facepalm.” – Skeptic


“If you wear a plain white uniform-looking shirt and hang out in the mall food courts, and go up to a table of 3 or 4 folks looking done with their meals, and say, “All done folks, I can clear that away for you?” you
can score enough scraps to constitute a supper every night of the week. I’m leaving this secret here now that I’m moving back to central.” – TRAY BIEN

Silence The Pianos

“Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with a muffled drum,
Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.” – W. H Auden

Once Upon A Time

Learning How to Walk & Talk
Super8 Movies Bicycle Ice Cream Colouring
Little Girl -Family Schism- Spirit Broken Voice Stolen
Little Boy is Born – Homeless Smoking & Starts Running

K-Tel Records Trombone & Kodak Pocket Instamatic
A Farmer’s Daughter – Vegetable & Flower Gardens
Anxiety & Depression Feelings of Dislocation
Smoking Meets Alcohol Drugs & Atheism
Part-time Jobs & Motorcycles – Vroom Vroom
General Studies Fail & Part-Time Work Grind

A Stint of Sailing, a Brief French Boy Crush
But Girl Crushes Everywhere, a 35mm Camera
Round 2 General Studies Then Program Start & Expulsion
[Music – Blondie, Queen, Billy Joel & Idol, Carnes, Tina,
Mellencamp, Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Spirit of the West,
Bare Naked Ladies, Madonna, Depeche Mode, New Order,
Prince, The Cure & Smiths, Eurythmics, Michael & Janet,
Yaz, Pet Shop Boys, Human League, TEARS FOR FEARS,
I Could Go On But That Would Be Digressing – LOL ] Round F***ing 3 General Studies & Re-Admission
Connections, V is for Volunteerism, The Party Planner
Graduation, First Apartment, But Work Dissatisfaction
V – Junior Achievement & St. John’s Clean & Beautiful
Sexuality Questions – Hello Gay Community & 1st GF
Smoking, Drinking, Drugs & Relationship Dysfunction

Out of the Closet & Single, Refugee Worker
Stories of War, Violence, Horror & Terror
Planned Parenthood Fundraiser & Rd 2 Refugee Work
First Solo Apartment, Then Moved in with 2nd GF
V – NL & Lab Folk Festival, Iris Kirby House & Cable 9
The Glorious Arts – A Brand New Language – Home
Stories, Feelings, Emotions, Souls, & Live Music
Single, Anxiety, Depression, Some Counselling & Medication
But No Solution So Still Smoking, Drinking & Doping
Lovers, Passion, Travel, Movement & Creation
Volunteer/Cooperation – Way Too Many to Mention
Family Disease Diagnosis, Mortality Reality, Dis-Ease
Drop to My Knees -FULL STOP- Why, What Can’t I See?

Music – Alternative, Folk, Traditional, Blues, Jazz, Soul & World
Buddhist Meditation Community – The Art of Being Human
Loving Kindness & Goodness, Compassion, Forgiveness, Healing
Starts Looking, Finds Traumatic Schism & Blockages
Returns to Home of Origin to Help, Heal, & Create Equanimity
Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Energy Flow & Pattern Recognition
Construction, Destruction, Reconstruction & Bridge Building
New Languages & Understanding, Counselling But No Medication
Quits Smoking, Doping, & Over-Drinking, Reading & Education
Psychology, Philosophy, Spiritual Metaphysics, Neuroplasticity
PTSD, Prolonged Exposure Therapy & Psyche Rebalancing
The Little Girl & Little Boy Exist in a Laminar Flow of Well-Being
LGBTQ Fun, Friends, Lover, But Sadly A Conflict of Interests
Drawing, Painting with Light Cause Things Get More Challenging

Rests, Questions, Writes, Bikes, & Protests Closures & Politics
To What End? Help, Healing, Inner Peace & Wellness
Maybe Some Can Have One Without The Other(s), Not Me
My Future Includes a Return to Dancing & Whatever Awaits Me
And Maybe Banjo Lessons – Word Is Dave Panting is a Good Teacher?
What a Beautiful Wild Ride! Giddy Up!!!” – By A Son & A Daughter

Where oh where has Allison gone?

“When you find a great stylist, you want to keep her forever. I mean, how often do you leave a salon and not have to go home and fuss with your hair, because no one can do it like you can? Well Allison can, she was incredible. I found Allison two years ago at Hair Solutions in Torbay Road Sobeys. Last time I saw her was on my wedding day in January. I just came back to town, and the salon has closed and I desperately need a cut. Apparently a sign was posted as to where the stylists went, but I missed it. Anybody know where Allison is doing her magic?” – Cindy

Ups & Downs (read to an AC rhythm)

“It was when I started to drown that I knew it was over
But I didn’t get out soon enough before I fell over

Trying so hard to share what I knew
To help a lost kid who was slipping from view

I don’t hate you for what you’ve found
So please could you stop pushing me down.” – Linda Marie Fitzpatrik

Just Going to Put it Out There

“MUN’s $700 dinner bill for feeding nine people is actually impressively reasonable. I can’t go on a date for less than $150 (share an app or two, get a meal and drink each), so, $75 a person x 9 persons is roughly $700. And I doubt they do that on the regular? Any corporation has an Entertainment line in its accounting (my family’s business does). You can’t disdain numbers out of context. Your desire, St. John’s, to spit venom, isn’t always reasonable. A few big dinner bills a year certainly seems lavish, in a big bold CBC headline, but it’s all part of doing business and staying relevant. Stay relevant, MUN!” – Student Okay With It