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“People on here complain about microaggressions and other first world problems but Newfoundlanders should be protesting in front of the Confederation building, Eastern Health and Labrador-Grenfell Health as a lynch mob for the collective ineptitude “running” this place (into the ground). How can LG-Health terminate a rural doctor without cause, fully knowing that it will be years before they can replace him? Kill your local politicians. They’ve done nothing for any of us except for taxation without representation.” – ANON

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Swipe Right, and My Heart

“Sure, swipe right, be witty, melt my heart, wine and dine me, like Elliot Smith too, and Fresh Prince of Bel Air references. Have eyes like a finish line. I got there, I found something. Sunday drives, popcorn for two, arm in arm in public. Then Poof. What, where, are you even okay? There is no [name here]on Facebook or Google, so were you even real? Talk about ghosting someone. I’m left wondering if I imagined the last 2 weeks of my life.” – Ghosted

There Can Be No Justice without Peace

“I recently read in the The Overcast that the responsibility for social justice and change lays squarely on the people, not on the systems they are part of. The continual evidence regarding the failure of the Justice System to protect woman who are the victims of various forms of abuse is the most recent example that comes to mind. This kind of impunity bestows upon all of us the right and the responsibility to raise our voices in protest when injustice prevails?

There is a beautiful elegance to Martin Luther King Jr’s words: “There can be no justice without peace and there can be no peace without justice”.

What can be difficult to put into action is how we actually own our responsibility for the social justice and change we purport to champion and support. Not just for the few, but for the many. Sometimes the solutions have to be hard-won, other times, they can be beautifully simple.” – There Can Be No Peace without Justice

Does He Have a Type or Something?

“Dear, stranger. You are nice enough to me when we run into each other around town but, today when you were perched on your bicycle and asked if I was [the girl]my ex cheated on me with, it was enough to make me internally scream.” – Nope, Not Her

Men Like You

” Someday I Hope
You Have a Daughter
& That You Spend Entirety Protecting Her From Men Like You” – ANON

Rights and Entitlements

“Let Them Eat Cake
Let Them Eat Shite
Tut, Tut, Sit Down
Tut, Tut, Stand Up
They Doth Protest Too Much, Me Thinks
They Doth Protest Too Little.” – Tomatoe Tomato

I Bet Those Boys Feel Silly Now!

“Have you noticed that when you are in Facebook Messenger on a computer now, all the pics you and a person have ever shared are featured prominently in a sidebar? I bet all those douchy guys who sent us dick pics are feeling pretty awkward right now, with their willies looking right at them when they try and talk to us online now. I can’t take a guy seriously when I see our pic history — what a new way to judge your relationship with a person.” – Nancy


“Toxic Immunity
Charlatans and Fools
Instant Gratification Without Doing the Work.” – M

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More Than Just Downtown

“Does anyone else wish for the area around Harvey Rd, Freshwater Rd, Longs Hill and Lemarchant Rd to become more developed? I personally love this area and believe that more businesses could do well here, and especially get some businesses out of the water street/duckworth street stronghold of our downtown.” – Townie

Pretty Pissed

I am three
And quickly learn
that blue is for boys
and, furthermore,
only girls wear pink.

Now 4
And there, in a faraway land,
next to Uncle Ron in Phoenix,
the verdict is out: Chaos.
A sensation of privilege and confusion
trickles down my back.

5 fingers
Stumped by the oval
and why boys have muscles
to carry chairs, even though
I raise my hand
for a chance to leave class
to prove that I, too
can lift a chair.

Pass me the ball!
My brother has all the fun.
I do gymnastics on Saturdays
and every Tuesday evening
rain or shine.

Lucky #7
Growing, sprinting,
winning all the races!
Glazed with pride and sweat,
the boys do not accept
my petite triumphs.

A 10 year old
hands me a daisy
and takes my hand.
But, I prefer geraniums
and recess is almost over.

The 13th
Enchanté, Tout le monde.
There goes my curiosity again,
higher than a tower
or than black smoke escaping the first,
the second.

Ash migrates
from earth’s sky up into heaven,
Firefighters, Police,
please keep us safe.

17 years old
Eager for rugby,
to run wild, show them what I’ve got.
Dad shakes his head.
Mom nods along:
(will discuss later).

22 years of discovery:
Jane Austin, James Joyce,
Oprah, Obama,
Andy Jones.
Alanis Morissette, Tina Fey,
Charlotte Perkins Gilman.
The Dog Days. Travel. Self.
Mom and Beyoncé.

26 already!
I can do anything because
I am a girl.
Repeat, I am a nasty woman
who can run the world
better than you.

27 years old
Old enough to teach others
boys can like pink, too.
And girls can be president!
For now, president of my classroom.

Age 29
After coming this far,
I cannot
and will not go alone
for a stroll in the park after dark.
I cannot
and will not ask a police officer
(a stranger)
to help,
to maybe do his job
because I know what you did.

We all know
exactly what you did.

Our home and native land,
this little island we call ‘ome,
We Must Do Better.
We hang our heads today
because we know what you did

all too well.

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