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There Are 2 Kinds of People in this World: A BMW Driver and Everyone Else

“A co-worker of mine was recently charged $1200 dollars for her own stupidity. This is something evident about her, as all men and women who work with her would agree. There’s nothing surprising about that. What is NOT surprising, but sad, was that she was rear-ended by someone in a BMW who, taking advantage of my co-worker’s evident lack of foresight on most matters, told her it was in her best interests to pass along her information to the BMW occupant and let her (driving a BMW, so she obviously got shit figured out) take care of it. A few days later, my abbreviated but wholesome friend confessed to being charged for the BMW’s handiwork.  There are only two kinds of people in this world: those who kill others and those who kill themselves. Die, yee yuppie scum yee.” – The Milk

The Price of Progress

“So … pot is illegal and it costs $8/gram according to a PCSP businessman (not too far off from the $200/ounce or $7.13/gram that I currently pay), and when it becomes legal it will cost $10/gram plus tax. Yes that certainly does seem as though the government is focused on wiping out the black market, as opposed to seeking as much revenue as possible doesn’t it? Why the government is basing legalized prices on black market prices (what’s the mark-up on black market goods anyway? 1000% ?!?) is a rhetorical question, of course. After all, we’re talking about a plant here. And while we’re on the topic of rhetoric questions, how many of those 25% of Newfoundland and Labradorians who, when surveyed, stated they will purchase pot when it becomes legal are already consumers? That’s the point government is missing here. Slight chance of new customers (hey by’s let’s have a draw with our beers tonight)? Nah, we’re already smoking it, and we’re not stupid enough to pay $100 + tax more for an ounce. Nice try.” – Boomshanker

Take Better Aim

“I’m a janitor, a female one, so what I struggle with mentally, is why there’s so much piss on the floor beneath urinals? I am not personally equipped with a small urinary hose (aka penis), so I can’t be an authority on the matter of male urination, or rightfully expect men to do better (maybe pee streams are hard to aim?), but how does so much urine end up beneath urinals? It’s a pretty big target, and I have yet to meet a man so well hung he’d miss a big ol’ urinal. Do men look where they’re peeing, or, is it maybe just water splashing around when the urinals get flushed, and I assume it’s wayward urine I am mopping up? This is the workplace mystery of my life now.” – Ms. Janitor

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“I wonder if you see yourself in the posts your female friends may have made or in the stories about men coming out about the harm they’ve done or women coming forward with allegations against men of status – that just maybe what you’ve done in the past isn’t too different from the atrocities we keep hearing about. Your community could hold you accountable and acknowledge the harm you’ve done or even give you resources to rehabilitate yourself. But, let’s be realistic they’ve been cushioning you from your actions for years and enabling the harm you’ve perpetuated against women. You are where their politics and values suddenly become inconvenient as they need you to be the person you pretend to be. Someday, I hope it all catches up to you and won’t be able to charm yourself out of it.” – Let her be

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Any Mummer’s ‘Loud in

“Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo the mummers parade was yesterday and I thought it was today ahhhhh.” – Mummer

Kickstart My Responsibilities

“Pretty sad to see people making $30+ an hour and asking for pet bill assistance with zero proof. Grow up and deal with the situation like a real adult would instead of not touching your precious savings. Grow up you joke.” – TryForOnce

Ticketless in St. John’s

“I keep getting tickets in the mail for parking violations, but I hardly ever get one on my vehicle; do you think the ticket folks are doing this purposefully? Are people stealing the tickets to put on their own car for parking freebies? Job t’say.” – Nar Ticket

Rooms Rant

“To whom it may concern, a Rooms Rant: It’s clear now, from looking at the changes in past year to The Rooms web site, that the govt. is not & will not in future support active working vis. artists here in our province. The only way I could find info. on artists who’s works are in the Rooms collections is to dig deep into Google where I discovered names of, & bits of info on NL vis. artist’s whose. works are in the collections. Challenge: Try finding “The Nfld. and Lab. Art Gallery” on The new Rooms site. Good luck to you. I can’t find it! The Rooms has morphed into the easily- digestible Museum of Nfld & Lab. nostalgia, promoting & showing only the cliché, tourist view of us. The reworking of The Rooms is a “Newfie Joke” &, as such, serves only our local politicians who fear telling the tale of what Nfld. has truly become. They fear the visions of contemporary visual artists. They fear the “reality” checks of any unique, singular visions that may cast shadows on their aspirations, and thus shrink the $ support from local power brokers who share similar 19th Cent. visions of the quaint & friendly “Newfy”. An “ART” gallery is a living, breathing promoter of contemporary reality, NOT A “NEWFY” museum of nostalgia for a past that never was. And why doesn’t the new Rooms Museum web site have links to our artist’s web sites? i.e. artists whose works are in your collections and/or who have had their work exhibited in the Rooms? From a concerned, getting too old and with little energy left for the above rant, vis. artist, Jim Hansen” – Jim Hansen

Everything is Awful and It’s Going to Snow Soon

“What else is there to say? Oh, yes–snow. Christ on a pike I’ve had it up to here with this city. Hasn’t everyone? Memorial is moving its English Department to the Science Building, bok choy is too expensive at Sobeys, people fart in the library without even a moment’s hesitation … we are animals. Animals that eat and sleep and waste time and go to shows and pretend we l-o-v-e the bands we hear except (hold on!) we actually don’t like it all but it’s better to grumble about how bad Overcast articles are than actually make the scene explode once more, burst up this sly contrivance of ‘punk scene’ or ‘folk scene’ or whatever we call those people who list Pantera as their favourite musical act and make spotify playlists entitled ‘james hetfield iz cool/rip 2017.’ Please send help mr. trutru, that is, mr. Justin trutru. How can this island keep its own head above water without Pierre’s son at the office throwing fish food into the water in some far off asiatique castle, smiling and holding hands with his wife, the bugger — amiable, soft, so resolutely handsome … good lord i’d like to see him survive a night out in Joe Bats with only a thermometer and a can of gravy for company. Please, overcast, for the love of good googely hermione granger gracious me we have to get this city to play shows before 11 at night. Someone, do something. help.” – Crumpus the Mad Rumpus

Pull the Rug Out

“I see the Overcast has removed the recent comment section from the front page; too bad – it was a fun way to get people talking. I guess people were offended (as per usual) and the only thing to do was remove the “rogue” commenters from saying “mean” things. I guess Disent is barred. I’m sure you guys will say it was removed for other reasons though… Back to your boring selves.” – I Noticed You Noticing Me

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