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The Age of Busy Web Design Returns

“Is it just me or is the new web design of this site WAY too cluttered with massive images which makes navigation a headache? The site seems WAY too busy now and gives the illusion of more content but really its the same stuff linked 3 different times on the main page. I don’t know about you but looking at the homepage gives me anxiety.” – Sensory Overload

Men’s Film Fest

“Just wondering if there’s any interest in creating a Men’s Film Fest? Same Rules as the Women’s Film Fest, although we run the risk of sexism but i think it’s a small price to pay for the quality of films that would come from it.” – E. Kwalatea

Help Me Out, St. John’s?

Hey! I’m new in town and a big old fatso pizza lover. Could you locals tell me what the best pizza spots in town are, so I’ll know whereto get my fix without much trial and error? Thanks! – Kyle

Better Aim Taken

“Ms Janitor from the January issue would love cleaning the washrooms at my place of work. The urinals have little, if any, pee on the floor adjacent to them. I suspect that the auto-flush is a big reason why. Men generally don’t like standing too close to a urinal while relieving their bladder due to the splashback which occurs when the stream hits the porcelain. Not a huge deal for most of an average leak, but those last ten seconds when the pressure is at its lowest is when the man should either lean in or move closer to avoid spillage. The autoflush ensures that the previous individual’s urine has been fully washed away and hugging the urinal doesn’t feel as gross. That said, being intoxicated while standing at a urinal is totally different; the drunker the men are, the less they care where they pee. Hope this sheds some light on your workplace mystery. Thanks for keeping the floors clean!” – I.P Standing

Downtown Parking Ban

“This impending downtown parking ban is bullsh*t, parking is reduced in Janaury anyway, i don’t know why council feel this is necessary. I wonder if driving under the influence is gonna increase since people can’t leave their vehicle on a weekend night? Andy Wells would not have allowed this to happen.” – Wheres Andy Wells?

Demi/Aro/Ace network?

“Are there any local networks for Aro, Ace, and Demi people in this city? I’ve been trying to find groups or something but I am terrible at it. It’s hard to find someone to share your life with when most people feel that sex is a fundamental piece of the relationship equation. It’s a lonesome way to live.” – A Bit Lonesome


“When shopping at Costso, especially on a busy Sunday afternoon, why do people still walk so slowly with their carts, families walking together side by side talking up the whole aisle, people who stop their carts in the middle of the aisle totally blocking someone from passing them. Have we as a society not yet been able to consider others? Just because you want to leisurely walk through Costco and take your time does not mean everyone else does!  How do all of these people have their driver’s licenses when they cannot operate a shopping cart. Traffic is traffic.” – Frustrated Shopper

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Please Explain, Karl Wells

“Global Warming is a fucking hoax and anyone who says otherwise is a phony.
How’s this cold weather for global warming?, Bunch of chumps…” – Frosty

Delilah Saunders’ Liver Fiasco Is a Perfect Example of Modern Reductionist Thought

The conclusions jumped to when Delilah Saunders was denied a liver transplant are a perfect example of how the uninformed public jumps to conclusions these days, always in a hurry to slay someone. An organ transplant is a last resort measure. Your life is hell thereafter, as you swallow down daily cocktails of immunosuppressants and steroids in an attempt to prevent organ rejection, and it doesn’t feel good. So they found another way and she’s fine now. As well, there is a reason organ recipients aren’t supposed to drink or smoke leading up to a transplant. It is statistically proven that things may go wrong, and for this reason, doctors don’t do it (for your own good, to avoid lawsuits and poor success results for the hospital). There’s no doubt we’ve grossly mistreated indigenous people in our country: we frigging tore kids from their families and cultures to ‘christianize’ them for 100 years, it’s horrendous. But not everything is a racist affront, and when ‘woke’ millennials act like it is, it detracts from truer causes, and feeds the alt right everything they need to dismiss the left as sheeps crying wolf.” – Medical Professional

I Saw You, Slightly Older Student

“I guess I got a low B not a high B in that class, because I spent so much time wondering about you; my mind wandering off from the lecture. The way your clothes fit, the questions you’d ask, the funny way you laugh when something’s funny. I waited until the last day of classes to ask you out. You know, so things wouldn’t be weird all semester if you said no. But you never showed that last day, and my heart sank to my boots and broke. If you see this, and know who I am, pink-booted 30-somethign brainiac in the social sciences, come looking for me near Mustang Sally’s on January 12th, for a chat and coffee date?” – Shy Guy on a Limb