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Rooms Rant

“To whom it may concern, a Rooms Rant: It’s clear now, from looking at the changes in past year to The Rooms web site, that the govt. is not & will not in future support active working vis. artists here in our province. The only way I could find info. on artists who’s works are in the Rooms collections is to dig deep into Google where I discovered names of, & bits of info on NL vis. artist’s whose. works are in the collections. Challenge: Try finding “The Nfld. and Lab. Art Gallery” on The new Rooms site. Good luck to you. I can’t find it! The Rooms has morphed into the easily- digestible Museum of Nfld & Lab. nostalgia, promoting & showing only the cliché, tourist view of us. The reworking of The Rooms is a “Newfie Joke” &, as such, serves only our local politicians who fear telling the tale of what Nfld. has truly become. They fear the visions of contemporary visual artists. They fear the “reality” checks of any unique, singular visions that may cast shadows on their aspirations, and thus shrink the $ support from local power brokers who share similar 19th Cent. visions of the quaint & friendly “Newfy”. An “ART” gallery is a living, breathing promoter of contemporary reality, NOT A “NEWFY” museum of nostalgia for a past that never was. And why doesn’t the new Rooms Museum web site have links to our artist’s web sites? i.e. artists whose works are in your collections and/or who have had their work exhibited in the Rooms? From a concerned, getting too old and with little energy left for the above rant, vis. artist, Jim Hansen” – Jim Hansen

Everything is Awful and It’s Going to Snow Soon

“What else is there to say? Oh, yes–snow. Christ on a pike I’ve had it up to here with this city. Hasn’t everyone? Memorial is moving its English Department to the Science Building, bok choy is too expensive at Sobeys, people fart in the library without even a moment’s hesitation … we are animals. Animals that eat and sleep and waste time and go to shows and pretend we l-o-v-e the bands we hear except (hold on!) we actually don’t like it all but it’s better to grumble about how bad Overcast articles are than actually make the scene explode once more, burst up this sly contrivance of ‘punk scene’ or ‘folk scene’ or whatever we call those people who list Pantera as their favourite musical act and make spotify playlists entitled ‘james hetfield iz cool/rip 2017.’ Please send help mr. trutru, that is, mr. Justin trutru. How can this island keep its own head above water without Pierre’s son at the office throwing fish food into the water in some far off asiatique castle, smiling and holding hands with his wife, the bugger — amiable, soft, so resolutely handsome … good lord i’d like to see him survive a night out in Joe Bats with only a thermometer and a can of gravy for company. Please, overcast, for the love of good googely hermione granger gracious me we have to get this city to play shows before 11 at night. Someone, do something. help.” – Crumpus the Mad Rumpus

Pull the Rug Out

“I see the Overcast has removed the recent comment section from the front page; too bad – it was a fun way to get people talking. I guess people were offended (as per usual) and the only thing to do was remove the “rogue” commenters from saying “mean” things. I guess Disent is barred. I’m sure you guys will say it was removed for other reasons though… Back to your boring selves.” – I Noticed You Noticing Me

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I Need Help. Please Tell Me Your Thoughts on This

“I am in love with an amazing artist who is also an alcoholic. This person’s income does not nearly match what they need to spend in alcohol, which usually leaves me in a position of having to buy it, so the person does not go off the deep end. My compassion usually results in me spending money I don’t have in order to maintain this person, and I am going into debt because of it, even though I work full time and have a reasonable salary. I know the solution for myself is to walk away, but I fear what will happen to this person if I do that. This is a good and talented person who has a severe problem. They refuse to go into detox and rehabilitation, insisting they can quit on their own. But this person never stops drinking and the vicious cycle continues on and on. Does anyone have any thoughts on how I can help this person and myself, without just walking away?” – Out of My League

Ridiculous B’y

“Does no one notice all the chemtrails? Why is it that when the “contrails” are sprayed they expand into long clouds? Wake up ya dunces and stop believing people who have vested interest to lie to you.” -93

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October 16th-22nd

“Perhaps, we were both too stubborn.” – Prideful Shrew

Ugh, Damning Big Mary News

“I kinda hate that VOCM and CBC reported on the C—– R—– & Mary Brown’s connection, as it relates to a strike at the former maybe affecting the latter. I was hoping Mary Brown’s had their own line on chickens. I’ve seen the conditions C—— R—– chickens are raised in, and so, it is hard to feel like it’s quality, healthy chickens coming out of there. Big Mary and Taters is ruint now.” – Pig Out

I Saw You … @ First Choice Haircutters

” I saw you working at the first choice haircutters on Elizabeth Ave. I just popped in for a routine haircut, but your stunning smile kept making me turn my head, and I think that really pissed off the woman who was actually cutting my hair. (sorry lady!) Thanks for coming over during my haircut and asking what was going on, I’ll drop back next haircut.” – Mr. No Style

Why Can’t An Old-School Guy Find an Old-School Girl

“The whole dating scene these days seems to have lost direction, or maybe I’m the one who needs direction(!) What happened to the good old scene when a guy would ask a girl out for a date and not just ‘a hangout.’ And why is it so out of fashion to save yourself for marriage? Is chivalry dead? I’d hope to believe that it’s not. if you are still reading this then I’m assuming that you’re following what I’m saying. If that be the case, then let’s proceed.

Hey you! Yes, You! If you’re still reading this then I’m talking to you. Can I take you out for a date? I probably can’t afford a fancy date, but at least a mediocre one? And then if things don’t turn out the right way, we can at-least be friends (hopefully) or maybe not. But I say we give it a try! Who am I? I am just an ordinary guy. I will also be upfront and confess that I’m not a Newfoundlander and am a ‘come from away.’ 30 Yo, Average Body type, 5’6″ If I’ve been able to make you slightly curious then why not write me back? Would that be too much to ask for? And tell me a bit about yourself and then we can take it from there. Sounds like a plan? Waiting to hear back from you ….” – Dewdrops

Sick of Trudeau

“Is anybody else sick of Justin Trudeau? If i have to hear about DIVERSITY and MULTICULTURALISM one more time, i think i’m gonna lose it…” – I’ll Show You Diversity

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