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Why Can’t An Old-School Guy Find an Old-School Girl

“The whole dating scene these days seems to have lost direction, or maybe I’m the one who needs direction(!) What happened to the good old scene when a guy would ask a girl out for a date and not just ‘a hangout.’ And why is it so out of fashion to save yourself for marriage? Is chivalry dead? I’d hope to believe that it’s not. if you are still reading this then I’m assuming that you’re following what I’m saying. If that be the case, then let’s proceed.

Hey you! Yes, You! If you’re still reading this then I’m talking to you. Can I take you out for a date? I probably can’t afford a fancy date, but at least a mediocre one? And then if things don’t turn out the right way, we can at-least be friends (hopefully) or maybe not. But I say we give it a try! Who am I? I am just an ordinary guy. I will also be upfront and confess that I’m not a Newfoundlander and am a ‘come from away.’ 30 Yo, Average Body type, 5’6″ If I’ve been able to make you slightly curious then why not write me back? Would that be too much to ask for? And tell me a bit about yourself and then we can take it from there. Sounds like a plan? Waiting to hear back from you ….” – Dewdrops

Sick of Trudeau

“Is anybody else sick of Justin Trudeau? If i have to hear about DIVERSITY and MULTICULTURALISM one more time, i think i’m gonna lose it…” – I’ll Show You Diversity

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Reality Check for Library Lovers

“I see from reading the latest issue [of The Overcast] that  you people are really crying out fro a Library. Rest assured Halifax’s uber-praised new library is certainly cool, but ruined by people using it as a public hangout. I get no studying done there now that’s it’s just crowded with people on coffee dates, or group hangs before a movie or something, laughing and chatting. It’s cool for conferences, and to have such a public space, but, it’s hardly the studious, cultured space you all seem to have modern libraries idealized as. More like a spot for small workshops and conferences … and public space for hanging out in.” – Visting Haligonian

Embarrassed and Liberated at the [Can’t Even Utter the Word]

“I am a single mother, of a son who doesn’t even know a portion of his food comes from a food bank (or his clothes for the Sally Ann). I have only recently brought myself to be able to go a food bank, ashamed or something like shame. And then my worst fear: seeing someone I know there, the last time I was in. But then, shouldn’t there be comfort in that, in not being alone in this poverty? In recognizing faces there, and knowing I am not alone, and seeing there’s an employment issue in my town or province? The person I recognized went to MUN with me. I am university educated — no, not a useless arts degree, a business degree. I work, hard. I just can’t find a well-paying job in my field. Every time one is advertised, 1000 applicants apply, so I have a less than 1% chance to get it, or someone has the edge with their master’s degree (I can’t afford the time or money for more school, buried in student debt and raising a kid!). So I work in retail, for a man who makes me uncomfortable on the best of days. Every night when my son is sleeping, I check job ad apps, and curse myself to sleep, because there is no jobs in anything but retail, accounting, construction, and graphic design in this province! Of those 4 options, I have retail experience only. Minimum wage isn’t enough for rent and a child and food in this province. I wish politicians experienced life in my shoes, when they write policies and plans to make this a livable province. I wish wealthier people, or those with friends and family that can help them through hard times, lived through what i am living now, so they would quit judging. I had elderly parents, long dead now. I am terrified of the stigma of being poor and lazy falling off of me, unto my child. Have a heart, don’t judge people like me: we’re a reflection of the lack of jobs in our province as much as anything.” – Lucy


“Scared of saying how I feel. Scared of speaking to them at all. Scared that being silent looks creepy. Scared of being awkward. Scared of trying too hard. Scared of being wrong about any mutual attraction I perceive, of it being a delusion. Scared of misjudging the situation in general. Scared that they’re actually oblivious to me. Scared that I’m stressing them out. Scared of them losing patience waiting for me to make a move. Scared of speaking up too late and missing an opportunity. Scared of accidentally saying something offensive. Scared of obsession. Scared of gossip. Scared of being manipulated. Scared of being judged inadequate and mediocre. Scared of being rejected. Scared of humiliation. Scared of being alone. Scared that I will never overcome. Scared that none of this will matter.” – Scared

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Here’s What Another Guy Should Do

“Here’s what another guy should do. Go to Fogtown and get a fade / sharp part. Wear some nice and dressy brown shoes. You know, really stand out from crowd. Ugh. Is it just me or does every boy look the same here now?” – Saucy Susan

Looking for Gold or Decent?

” Being cheated on, severely mistreated, and abused has turned me into a larger prude, a snob, and I’m assuming a gold digger. Maybe years of doing extremely unbalanced and asymmetrical emotional labour took its toll and I have this permanent compassion fatigue going on? Where I see now: saying addiction is just another illness or mental illness is no different than physical illness as being naive. Or making my anti-capitalist values known and saying I don’t care what my SO does as long as we care about each other and defending their lack of ambition to family as short sighted and childish as there can sometimes be a connection between some fields of work and a person’s personality and values/lifestyle. Now, I see anyone’s potential interest me in as a threat to my well being and don’t want them anywhere near me. Any history of addiction of mental health issues or addiction doesn’t yield sympathy from me, or having me wanting to help/make a difference. & Indications of money problems or being under employed turn me off. I’m at the point where I don’t think anyone will ever be good enough for me or good enough to me, and question if having standards or rules is somehow unfair.
Is this that what being jaded looks like? Or a ticking biological clock, where I don’t want to be with anyone who’s looking for someone to save them, or that I might just actually want someone I can build a future with?” – Jaded

Scent Free Workplace, But Not For This Manager?

“My workplace has a scent free policy, as many do these days. We have several staff who have sensitivities/reactions to scented products which can cause headaches, nausea, vision problems, migraines, and these reactions can impact work quality as well as potentially cause some staff to be ill for days. We have a manager in our company who continues to wear scents. It has been reported to HR several times, and we are told “She says she doesn’t wear perfume so there’s nothing we can do.” BULLSHIT. How is it that one person’s desire to smell pretty should be valued over the rights of others to be healthy at work? Every time she puts on perfume, she is deciding that someone else’s health is less important. And she’s a MANAGER. How is this ok? More importantly, what are the options to fix this issue? How can we have this rule enforced?” – Pissed about Perfume

I’ll Listen, But I’ll Shout Back Too

“As a 26 year old ‘millennial,’ I recognize the world I was born into is different than that of Generation X or the baby boomers, and so I listen to them about things I might not know about, to be a more well-rounded individual and learn and grow. But I’m getting sick of all the down-talking that we 20-something millenials are lazy and wayward. It’s uncalled for, assumes we WANT to live like you did, and it also ignores all the wrong these supposedly more enlightened generations have bestowed upon us. I was born into a crappy world BECA– USE OF Generation X and the boomer generation. The world I know is one of a Trump presidency, social inequity and continued intolerance, really uninformed people believing everything they hear, a world on the brink of environmental catastrophe, a political system hellbent on popular opinion over doing the right (long-term) thing, continued power in the hands of profit-driven industries that are destroying our food and medicines, and I could go on and on and on about the world you supposedly better generations have built for me. Please keep some of this in mind when you call my generation the crappy one. I feel we’re much more socially conscious, empathetic, old school, and forward-thinking than most boomers, to be honest.” – A Millennial

Reincarnated from Who Though?

“There is some sound science behind reincarnation. Matter can’t just disappear as we decompose. So I don’t rule out reincarnation the way I don’t rule out aliens or an apocalyptic, end-of-world weather event. So sometimes it really freaks me out that we could be the reincarnation of someone, but not know who. It’s the ultimate, WHO AM I?” – Who am I?