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Demi/Aro/Ace network?

“Are there any local networks for Aro, Ace, and Demi people in this city? I’ve been trying to find groups or something but I am terrible at it. It’s hard to find someone to share your life with when most people feel that sex is a fundamental piece of the relationship equation. It’s a lonesome way to live.” – A Bit Lonesome


“When shopping at Costso, especially on a busy Sunday afternoon, why do people still walk so slowly with their carts, families walking together side by side talking up the whole aisle, people who stop their carts in the middle of the aisle totally blocking someone from passing them. Have we as a society not yet been able to consider others? Just because you want to leisurely walk through Costco and take your time does not mean everyone else does!  How do all of these people have their driver’s licenses when they cannot operate a shopping cart. Traffic is traffic.” – Frustrated Shopper

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Please Explain, Karl Wells

“Global Warming is a fucking hoax and anyone who says otherwise is a phony.
How’s this cold weather for global warming?, Bunch of chumps…” – Frosty

Delilah Saunders’ Liver Fiasco Is a Perfect Example of Modern Reductionist Thought

The conclusions jumped to when Delilah Saunders was denied a liver transplant are a perfect example of how the uninformed public jumps to conclusions these days, always in a hurry to slay someone. An organ transplant is a last resort measure. Your life is hell thereafter, as you swallow down daily cocktails of immunosuppressants and steroids in an attempt to prevent organ rejection, and it doesn’t feel good. So they found another way and she’s fine now. As well, there is a reason organ recipients aren’t supposed to drink or smoke leading up to a transplant. It is statistically proven that things may go wrong, and for this reason, doctors don’t do it (for your own good, to avoid lawsuits and poor success results for the hospital). There’s no doubt we’ve grossly mistreated indigenous people in our country: we frigging tore kids from their families and cultures to ‘christianize’ them for 100 years, it’s horrendous. But not everything is a racist affront, and when ‘woke’ millennials act like it is, it detracts from truer causes, and feeds the alt right everything they need to dismiss the left as sheeps crying wolf.” – Medical Professional

I Saw You, Slightly Older Student

“I guess I got a low B not a high B in that class, because I spent so much time wondering about you; my mind wandering off from the lecture. The way your clothes fit, the questions you’d ask, the funny way you laugh when something’s funny. I waited until the last day of classes to ask you out. You know, so things wouldn’t be weird all semester if you said no. But you never showed that last day, and my heart sank to my boots and broke. If you see this, and know who I am, pink-booted 30-somethign brainiac in the social sciences, come looking for me near Mustang Sally’s on January 12th, for a chat and coffee date?” – Shy Guy on a Limb

There Are 2 Kinds of People in this World: A BMW Driver and Everyone Else

“A co-worker of mine was recently charged $1200 dollars for her own stupidity. This is something evident about her, as all men and women who work with her would agree. There’s nothing surprising about that. What is NOT surprising, but sad, was that she was rear-ended by someone in a BMW who, taking advantage of my co-worker’s evident lack of foresight on most matters, told her it was in her best interests to pass along her information to the BMW occupant and let her (driving a BMW, so she obviously got shit figured out) take care of it. A few days later, my abbreviated but wholesome friend confessed to being charged for the BMW’s handiwork.  There are only two kinds of people in this world: those who kill others and those who kill themselves. Die, yee yuppie scum yee.” – The Milk

The Price of Progress

“So … pot is illegal and it costs $8/gram according to a PCSP businessman (not too far off from the $200/ounce or $7.13/gram that I currently pay), and when it becomes legal it will cost $10/gram plus tax. Yes that certainly does seem as though the government is focused on wiping out the black market, as opposed to seeking as much revenue as possible doesn’t it? Why the government is basing legalized prices on black market prices (what’s the mark-up on black market goods anyway? 1000% ?!?) is a rhetorical question, of course. After all, we’re talking about a plant here. And while we’re on the topic of rhetoric questions, how many of those 25% of Newfoundland and Labradorians who, when surveyed, stated they will purchase pot when it becomes legal are already consumers? That’s the point government is missing here. Slight chance of new customers (hey by’s let’s have a draw with our beers tonight)? Nah, we’re already smoking it, and we’re not stupid enough to pay $100 + tax more for an ounce. Nice try.” – Boomshanker

Take Better Aim

“I’m a janitor, a female one, so what I struggle with mentally, is why there’s so much piss on the floor beneath urinals? I am not personally equipped with a small urinary hose (aka penis), so I can’t be an authority on the matter of male urination, or rightfully expect men to do better (maybe pee streams are hard to aim?), but how does so much urine end up beneath urinals? It’s a pretty big target, and I have yet to meet a man so well hung he’d miss a big ol’ urinal. Do men look where they’re peeing, or, is it maybe just water splashing around when the urinals get flushed, and I assume it’s wayward urine I am mopping up? This is the workplace mystery of my life now.” – Ms. Janitor

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“I wonder if you see yourself in the posts your female friends may have made or in the stories about men coming out about the harm they’ve done or women coming forward with allegations against men of status – that just maybe what you’ve done in the past isn’t too different from the atrocities we keep hearing about. Your community could hold you accountable and acknowledge the harm you’ve done or even give you resources to rehabilitate yourself. But, let’s be realistic they’ve been cushioning you from your actions for years and enabling the harm you’ve perpetuated against women. You are where their politics and values suddenly become inconvenient as they need you to be the person you pretend to be. Someday, I hope it all catches up to you and won’t be able to charm yourself out of it.” – Let her be

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Any Mummer’s ‘Loud in

“Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo the mummers parade was yesterday and I thought it was today ahhhhh.” – Mummer