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Long Time Listener, First Time Complainer

“I love VOCM Open Line, and think Paddy does a great job moderating and being open to both sides … I just wish he’d lay off the sports summaries at the start of every show. Wondering if others feel the same way? I don’t care for sports, and imagine those who do only care about pro sports or newsworthy things worth talking about, not updates for the sake of them, including high school hockey, for instance, which I can’t imagine anyone cares about except a few high school kids who aren’t listening, and maybe their moms and dads?” – LTLFTC


If you are a place that serves food, like a deli or food court, and you don’t want me to throw my half full can of pop or juice into your garbage or recycling, then provide a sink or tub for me to pour our the liquid. There. Probable solved. ” – Thrower Outer

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How Do You Find a Girl to Date – A Foreigner Asking

“Okay ladies. How do a foreign dude in the city go about meeting a sane, decent, regular girl. Call me clueless as I have no idea where do you people hangout. I cant stand the George Street scene so that dont do it for me.” – Mrinal

Do I Have This Right, Religious Gay Man Haters?

“So, it is ungodly for me, a gay man, to love a real live wonderful man who is physically present and good to me, but it is just and right for you to be utterly obsessed with some man named Jesus you’ve never met, and his father too? Sounds like a double standard conundrum to me. I mean, no gay guy loves their guyfriend like you people love Jesus. You’d do anything for him, wouldn’t you? You literally praise him. But I can’t feel that strongly about my boyfriend in your eyes” – Gay man

Burn Permits

“Why do I have to drive out to Paddys Pond to get a forestry permit which I then take to PCSP fire hall to get a permit which then allows me to burn some dead branches? Why cant I apply online and get an email with my permit? I’d gladly pay a fee.” – Burn Freely

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NL Men: Take the Pledge to Stand Up to and Stop Sexual Harassment Toward NL Women

“Requesting ALL NL Men sign a Pledge to stand up against violence and sex harassment against NL women. NL men can help make our loved ones and communities safer and better. Interested, gents? Link to the pledge is below. Just scroll down when you reach the Facebook page. It’s there:
Thanks for your support. We CAN do this!” – Geoff

To the Red Yaris

“Your broken exhaust aptly symbolizes your driving skills; in need of repair. Rolling down Portugal Cove in neutral puts me at about 55km. Please refrain from slamming on your brakes and shaking your fist the next time you perceive someone to be up your ass — maybe try taking the stick out of yours!” – Obeying speed limits

Next In Line, Please.

“To all those who are too stunned or inconsiderate, or both: when a cashier says ‘next in line, please’ the cashier is referring to the person who is next in line to be served. If you are not next in line to be served, you do not bolt for that cashier like your arse is on fire. Smarten up and wait your turn, ahole.” – Marshall Art

More Community Cops Please

“In the last 35 years of my dealings with the RNC/RCMP, they have always done the right thing. Mostly erring on the side of common sense. I can count hundreds of times I’ve seen cops help somebody out. It always makes me feel safe when I see cops around and god bless them for having put up with my arguing drunken arse some nights. You guys are awesome!” – Big Mike

Signal Lights Exist for a Reason!

“I have lived in many parts of Canada and I have never seen so many drivers NOT using their signal indicators as I have in St. John’s. They exist for a reason, people!! Not letting drivers around you know when/where you are about to turn greatly increases the risk of accidents. (And considering how many drivers here seem to be uninsured, that’s no joke.)” – Frustrated Driver