The Bull Horn: Rants, Confessions, and Missed Connections

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Eff That Come from Away Play!

“Screw all this freaking out about that play, Come from Away. So what, a nation was under attack and we found them a bite to eat and gave them some beds during the chaos. OF COURSE WE DID! That doesn’t make us heroic. It makes us human. Newfoundlanders just love that praise as kind folk, but here’s the reality: we’re mean-spirited gossip bags who turn liek the wind on perfect strangers. How about we start being as kind to each other as we are depicted as begin in this play?” – ARGH!

Optimisitc Wisdom from a Mediocre Looking Biology Student

“I’m bald and that should show you I am mature and have life experience (from an evolutionary standpoint, that’s exactly what baldness is meant to relay). I’m chubby and that means I value the sanctity of chips with Netflix as refuge from this dark world (From an evolutionary standpoint, jelly belly means I excel and hunting and gathering … albeit, from Marie’s Mini Mart). Don’t write me off, ladies!” – Mediocre Looking Biologist 

Oh How Lovely

“Dear femme person in Major’s Path Saturday clinic with the white cardigan and a little bouquet of grass (?) tattoo on your inner elbow:  Lemme start this off by saying that this is in no way an attempt to start a relationship, I just wanna compliment you. You looked so good that morning, with your pretty eyes and mini eyeliner and slight face and straight fringe. You looked so lovely, I wanted to draw you. You looked like some kind of forest fae (the nice kind) or a doe or something else ethereal and earth-toned.  I didn’t want to make you feel super uncomfortable by complimenting you right away, so I was gonna wait until I was done with the doctor and talk to you on my way out. But, sadly, a few minutes after I was called, the nurse led you past my exam room! I knew you wouldn’t be out before me so I had to resign myself to not letting you know how lovely you looked. Well, at least I got to hear your voice as you chatted to the nurse.  I hope you know how good you look. You were a nice bright spot in a long dim day.” – Tried Really Hard Not to be Creepy

Girls n Guys Whatcha Tink?

“I listen to a foreign radio station often that has a phone in show and they were talking about when guys and gals meet downtown for the first time and end up back at the guy’s house. They (the hosts) were saying that if a woman goes back home with a man and says she would like to leave and the man says, “Ah, stay for another drink, would you?”. Even if she turns the offer down and the man lets her leave, the hosts argue that the man is trying to rape her or peer pressure her. What do ye think?” – Fella


“I don’t want to be the ‘other woman’ this time around, and if such is the case, I feel horrible for being a catalyst of putting another person through the same hell I was in. I ‘hooked up’ with my ex, a local bartender, the day after Valentines day. I listened to the hurt and sound of desperation in his voice on the phone, and that he wanted me there. I let him play on my guilt for leaving with a line like, ‘I haven’t cleaned up/did anything to the place since you left,’ while listening to him choking up. (I was originally communicating with him him to see if we could meet up and become amicable exes/clear the air and we had plans to meet up for lunch already) & I went over to see him that night. Our relationship ended three months ago: He told me he hadn’t been with anyone since me (I wanted to believe him, give him the benefit of doubt, even though I knew such to be false/went against the grain of the reality I knew) so I’d have unprotected sex with him. I can’t help but feel like that dishonesty robbed me of my ability to make an informed decision about what to do with my own body and that he really doesn’t care about keeping his intimate partners safe. He promptly ended things this time, two days later over text: admitting he only said and did what he did as he was lonely and is lonely, will never reciprocate my feelings, can’t be my partner, doesn’t want to hurt me, doesn’t want to be there etc.  I just feel manipulated, disposed of, used, and well, naive.” – Weird Ex-Girlfriend

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Spending a Dollar to Save a Quarter

“I am writing because I am deeply concerned about the moving of the Lands Branch of the Department of Fisheries and Land Resources to Corner Brook. This move is most concerning for the 40 plus families that will be forced to uproot their lives, likely leaving them in financial disrepair. Having to sell your home to move across the island only to purchase another one in today’s market is 100% going to have a negative effect. If the employees choose to not move and are left without a job, how do they pay their bills and feed their children? I support bringing jobs to any community but it seems that the 40 plus lives that are being disrupted were not taken into consideration with much care. I ask you to think of your own children who have children of their own in school or who love their jobs and will become unemployed if their husband/wife has to relocate. It’s expensive enough these days in the Province, surely you don’t want to see people forced out of work? Newfoundland and Labrador is experiencing an economic crisis and a move this vast is not only disrupting 40 plus families but it doesn’t seem to make sense seeing it will be extremely costly and very unnecessary. This is a time when the Government claims to be making every effort to save a penny. The costs that will be incurred with this type of move will ensure that the economy remains in crisis. There will be moving costs in the hundreds of thousands, additional rent for office space, paying for services regarding document preservation, etc. Where is this money coming from? Moving the Lands Branch from the Capital will also have a direct impact on the services provided to lawyers, real estate agents, title searchers, and the Association of Newfoundland Land Surveyors. And more importantly will increase delays and costs for the general public (myself included within my line of work). It is my understanding that the Lands Office in Corner Brook has vacant positions that were not filled and that wasn’t for lack of trying. I don’t see how moving 40 positions to the West Coast will even be filled if the demand isn’t there. Then there will be a Department with vital positions vacant and people who once filled them will be unemployed. This truly does not seem right. Looking to expand Agriculture in the Province is a great idea but that can still take place if the head office remains in the Capital. I urge you to please fight this move to Corner Brook. There has been no rationale provided and if the Provincial Government cares about turning the economy around and, most importantly, the people, then they will reverse this decision. I appreciate your time.” – Renee Burton

Hey St. John’s, You Disgust Me …

“Stop acting like dumb arse, drunken dicks and whores , have some self respect and grow up.”  – Angry Townie

Radio Geeks

“If you are a radio “geek” looking for some radio station experience –  reliable, calm interested person is needed  to help record a weekly radio show – approximately one hour commitment, necessary training provided on somewhat old-fashioned equipment. Phone 726- 2958.” – C

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Slow the Frig Down!

“Hey all you drivers in a hurry to get to work after the snow storm! I know you need to get wherever you’re going is more important than my safety, but slow the frig down and be considerate of people walking and shovelling. The next person to speed by me while I’m trying to shovel my driveway is getting a load of ice on their windshield. You’ve been warned.” – Surly Shoveller

Found Love Over the Burger Battle!

“Dating is awkward, let’s face it. Coming up with something to do on the 2nd, 3rd dates, and so on. But the burger battle saved two shy recluses here! Date 1 (the Bernard Stanley Overcast burger) went so well, we decied to keep going and going on burger dates. We’re at 8, and we’re as head over heels about each other as we are over most of these burgers. Thanks, Overcast! I recomend a burger speed dating challenges to all reading this, with the caveat that some of these are embarrassingly messy to eat. Just embrace the spirit of the challenge and get messy together every Febraury!” – Re-Burga