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More Than Just Downtown

“Does anyone else wish for the area around Harvey Rd, Freshwater Rd, Longs Hill and Lemarchant Rd to become more developed? I personally love this area and believe that more businesses could do well here, and especially get some businesses out of the water street/duckworth street stronghold of our downtown.” – Townie

Pretty Pissed

I am three
And quickly learn
that blue is for boys
and, furthermore,
only girls wear pink.

Now 4
And there, in a faraway land,
next to Uncle Ron in Phoenix,
the verdict is out: Chaos.
A sensation of privilege and confusion
trickles down my back.

5 fingers
Stumped by the oval
and why boys have muscles
to carry chairs, even though
I raise my hand
for a chance to leave class
to prove that I, too
can lift a chair.

Pass me the ball!
My brother has all the fun.
I do gymnastics on Saturdays
and every Tuesday evening
rain or shine.

Lucky #7
Growing, sprinting,
winning all the races!
Glazed with pride and sweat,
the boys do not accept
my petite triumphs.

A 10 year old
hands me a daisy
and takes my hand.
But, I prefer geraniums
and recess is almost over.

The 13th
Enchanté, Tout le monde.
There goes my curiosity again,
higher than a tower
or than black smoke escaping the first,
the second.

Ash migrates
from earth’s sky up into heaven,
Firefighters, Police,
please keep us safe.

17 years old
Eager for rugby,
to run wild, show them what I’ve got.
Dad shakes his head.
Mom nods along:
(will discuss later).

22 years of discovery:
Jane Austin, James Joyce,
Oprah, Obama,
Andy Jones.
Alanis Morissette, Tina Fey,
Charlotte Perkins Gilman.
The Dog Days. Travel. Self.
Mom and Beyoncé.

26 already!
I can do anything because
I am a girl.
Repeat, I am a nasty woman
who can run the world
better than you.

27 years old
Old enough to teach others
boys can like pink, too.
And girls can be president!
For now, president of my classroom.

Age 29
After coming this far,
I cannot
and will not go alone
for a stroll in the park after dark.
I cannot
and will not ask a police officer
(a stranger)
to help,
to maybe do his job
because I know what you did.

We all know
exactly what you did.

Our home and native land,
this little island we call ‘ome,
We Must Do Better.
We hang our heads today
because we know what you did

all too well.

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3 Things I Will Not Miss

“The human body absolutely and without question requires things like protein (my stomach digests a chicken breast, breaks it down into amino acids, and my body uses thsoe amino acids like lego blocks to build the proteins my body needs to do everything, including moving the muscles in my jaws so I can eat. Also, iron comes from meat, without iron, my blood can’t bind oxygen to itself and deliver oxygen to my brain!). So stop telling people it’s gross and unhealthy to eat meat. It’s vital. And our choice. Plus it tastes amazing and is eaten in 9 out of 10 meals. Going to a restaurant with you was like going to hell. And we ate the same three meals 100 times a week. Puke, I won’t miss it. You made me hate potatoes and lentils so much. #2: “Literally” doesn’t mean “Super Big Time” by which I mean, don’t use the word literally for emphasis. Literally is the opposite of figuratively. The sentence, ‘I was literally freezing to death at the bus stop’ is figurative if you survived, but literal if you did freeze to death. Why is that so hard to understand? Why did you need to say literally in 1 out of every 3 sentences? #3: Don’t go out with a person you want to change. You resented me for being a social creature and going out 1-2 times a week, for wanting an hour a day to read, for wasting grocery money on striploins, when if you ate meat you’d know crappy cuts are crappy. Go find the person you wish your boyfriend was instead of making the man you’re with feel bad for living the life they want to live. THat makes you ‘wrong,’ not them.” – xbf

Bluegrass Beauties

“You folks are magical, and the brunch was bomb to boot. Thanks to H&L, LV7, Mallard, and everyone who helped put Bluegrass Brunch together. Looking forward to the festival!” – <3

Take My Money

“Local acts and bars owners of St. John’s, this is for you. I have money, you have music. I want to give you my money. Call me lazy, but I don’t want to individually search all of my favourite bars on Facebook to find no indication of what you have to offer me this Friday/Saturday night. I want to give you my money. My “Event invites” and “Nearby events” just aren’t cutting it. Take advantage of the Overcast’s events page, hire artists to make you posters, promote your shows. Believe it or not, a little extra promotion could do wonders for the local art scene. This Thursday, I decided to give up the unsuccessful Facebook search, and write a bullhorn post instead.” – Frivolous Spender Looking for a Good Time

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“What happens when someone has mastered proficiency in languages of accountability and then learned to justify all of their actions by falling back on that language? How do we hold people to account who are experts at using anti-oppressive language to justify oppressive behaviour? We don’t have a word to describe this kind of perverse exercise of power, despite the fact that it occurs on an almost daily basis in progressive circles. Perhaps we could call it anti-oppressivism.” – A. Ahmad

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Asking for It

“Rape Culture’s most devilish trick is to make the average non-criminal person identify with the person accused, instead of the person reporting the crime.” – K Harding

Like a Bridge Over Troubled Economic Waters!

“Wait a minute, why are we (or Canada, if they fund it) wasting money on a bell Island ferry! Why not just build a bridge already? Gotta be cheaper in the long run? And way more convinient for all involved. I like a dreamy ferry as much as anyone, but, paying an icebreaker to get a dozen people to work?” – Thinking Cap On

What’s the Deal with Parking Politics?!

“I only moved to NL in September, but YIKES that has been long enough to get into some tiffs with the neighbours! Look folks, I get it, street parking is a hot commodity in the downtown area, but if it’s not a parking permit zone, anyone can park on the street! While moving my car around the neighbourhood this winter to avoid snow-clearing, I’ve been openly yelled at three times! One woman even went to the effort of shoving snow in front of my car and all around my tires up to the axle! She then waited for me to return (hours later) to yell at me that, “On this street, everyone parks in front of their house!” After which, she watched from her window as I dug myself out. I did not intend to personally offend anyone by parking my car on a public street! Come on, people, I thought you were supposed to be NICE in this province?!” – Hurt & disappointed CFA

Loosen Up

“Everyone these days are addicted to their phones and internet. Chill out everybody; visit your friends and family, go for a walk, play an instrument, do something else!! We talk about addiction a lot but people have crazy high phone bills that kill their budget because of data useage. For frig sakes, Just disconnect for a few moments. “ – Disconnected

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