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Every paper like ours, from The Coast in Halifax, to The Georgia Straight in BC, has a separate feed, generated by the public, that let’s you share everything from your dirtiest secrets to your most insightful thoughts on city issues. We can only apologize that it took us lot of writers and musicians (not web programmers!) so long to figure out the complex webcoding that would keep these posts contained to a separate feed from the main page. We also had to ensure that these posts wouldn’t go to our website subscribers who get email notifications of new posts. But we did it, in part thanks to kind, patient emails, like, “No Broadcasts section yet? What the actual Fu-k? You guys suck!” as a gentle encouragement. That’s the kind of support and understanding that really keeps us going here.

So, now it’s here: Broadcasts: Your rants, confessions, and shout-outs. Share your missed connections, your deepest secrets and desires, or your biggest frustrations with living here. Rant about something, or rave about something. It’s completely anonymous, it really is, we don’t even ask for your email address.