Untitled-1In Newfoundland, sometimes the sun doesn’t shine in November. Halloween is over, and pumpkin spice fatigue has set in. What you need to get you through the eleventh month might be new beer, a fresh shave, and doing something good for your fellow man.

Two of St. John’s bestest brands (Quidi Vidi Brewery & Fogtown Barbershop) are partnering up to try and raise record-breaking money for cancer this Movember. The cornerstone of the collaboration is “Fogtown Lager,” a limited run seasonal beer.

“Having them release a Fogtown beer is surreal,” says Chris Evans of Fogtown. “The name and ethos of Fogtown grew out of the downtown St. John’s punk rock scene where a bunch of weirdo kids learned to work together, create together, and take care of each other… being in the position to make a positive impact on our community is our success.”

Down in Quidi Vidi, despite being self-described babyfaces, with limited ability to actually grow facial hair, Justin Fong and Mitch Gilbert of Quidi Vidi Brewery are equally stoked about the team-up. Using the limited window between their busy summer and Christmas seasons, November is one of QV’s only opportunities to get a seasonal beer into the tanks.


Quidi Vidi Brewery’s Justin Fong giving Fogtown’s Chris Evans a shave …

About the Beer …

Fogtown Lager, as a North American style lager, is a similar brew to Quidi Vidi Premium, with more complexity to its character to make it stand out. It pours pale gold, and like all of Quidi Vidi’s beers, there are no preservatives or additives.

“The Crystal hops give it a pop of citrus and floral aromas, which leads to a delicate and fruity taste” says Mitch. The blend of malt and hop characters and exciting finish make it an ideal session beer (that is, highly drinkable).

The slick black-and-metallic-gold label will be found at the NLC, as well as on tap at fifteen locations throughout downtown. You’ll know if it’s on tap at your local establishment if you spot the custom Fogtown tap handles provided by Leaman & Co.

The limited brew of 1100 dozen will likely be gone before the end of the month. “The beer itself is a ton of fun but the main focus is to unite the community under the Quidi Vidi/Fogtown banner in order to raise money for prostate cancer,” says Mitch.

“Both of our brands draw on a fairly large group of people so together we should be able to get a ton of people onboard for the cause.”

“Men’s health is often not talked about publicly, and Movember is a well-proven outlet to start that conversation again. Growing moustaches, throwing events, and drinking beer are great ways to bring awareness to the cause, but it’s the donations that actually help to make the change,” says Mitch.

If you’re unclear how Movember works, men raise funds by having people sponsor your stash, i.e donate money. See here for more details: https://ca.movember.com, but to make sure to join team QVFogMo by visiting Quidi Vidi Brewery’s Facebook page or their Movmeber page: https://moteam.co/qvfogmo.

Team members will receive freebies as their mo earns milestone fund levels, such as collectable pint glasses, and tickets on a custom keg unit, to push the team towards their goal of $10,000.


Three Major Events Mark the Plan …

The month itself is broken into three major events: a kickoff, a midpoint bash, and a closer. “To keep the interest up, to keep the beer flowing, we’re going to make a few days out of it,” says Mitch.

November 1st – Start Your Stash; Join Team QVFogMo

On November 1st, Fogtown will be unbolting their barber chairs and moving them down to Quidi Vidi for the day, offering fresh shaves to anybody looking to dedicate their face to a good cause for a month. From 2:00 pm until 8:00 pm, everyone who comes to the Brewery gets a Fogtown lager T-Shirt for signing up for the QV/Fogtown Movember team. This fresh shave is your moustache growth starting point!

“We’re expecting 100 to 150 people,” says Fong. “So, that’ll be our fundraising team.” If you’ve missed Day 1, no need to cry in your beer: you can sign up online at their Movember page.

November 14th – Midpoint Music Party

On Saturday, November 14th, at the mid-month update party, Johnny and the Cowabungas and George Nervous will play all night at The Quidi Vidi Brewery, $15 cover on the door (all donated).

November 29th – The Grand Finale

Lastly, on Sunday, November 29th (2:00pm to 8:00pm) the final event of the month will see a panel of celebrity judges examine the parade of moustaches, from the mightiest handlebar to the dirtiest dirt ‘stache. Will your “Village Mall” special bring all the girls to the yard? The judges will decide.

One of the judges is noted beardsman Chef Jeremy Charles of Raymond’s and The Merchant Tavern. “He will be joining us on November 1st and will be shaving his very handsome, well-groomed, face pelt (a.k.a. his beard),” says Mitch.

“He will then be joining us at the end of the month to show off his upper lip, and to judge those who have valiantly tried to grow a ‘mo.”

“Anyone who raises over $250 will have their name go into a draw for a Fogtown lager keg unit for their house, which we will announce as well,” says Fong. “After that, you’ll have Fogtown Lager on tap at your house.”

Masterful Advice for You Money-making Mo’…


Still on the fence about participating? Even if you’re mustachio-challenged, Chris Evans is your facial hair guru:

“While my overall beard does leave something to be desired, the hair that grows above my top lip does not disappoint,” he says. “That’s not to say I don’t look like a total scrot early in the grow-out stages – I do – but there is a majestic light at the end of the scrot tunnel.”

“Remember: during Movember, it is not the ‘hair up there’ that counts it’s the ‘retention of your intention.’  So don’t quit growing your money-maker just because your ‘stache sucks two weeks into it.  Even the worst mo’ will win a prize at the end of the month.”

“As with any hair growth goal, you are confined by genetics but you’re best results can be achieved by maintaining optimal health:  proper nutrition and quality sleep is very important, so take your Hulk Hogan multi-vitamins and pray for a beautiful blonde horseshoe moustache.”

“Other than that, treat a newly growing moustache like you would a cold sore … yes, it’s gross and people notice it and feel bad for you, but in time it will change.  Until then: don’t go touchin’ it; there’s no need for grooming during the grow-out phase.”

“Don’t let people’s negative comments permeate your psyche or kill your PMA; you might feel a bit ugly with a dirt-stache, but suck it up and remember the cause (and maybe avoid reflective surfaces).  When people inevitably ask what is wrong with your top lip, seize the opportunity to explain your Movember fundraising initiative and stick out the cash cup.”