Breaking Brews: Mill St. Brew Pub Making a Move to St. John’s

According to Canadian Beer News, Mill St. Brewery's fifth Mill Street Brew Pub will be in St. John's. It'll be their first venture outside of Ontario.

Canadian Beer News broke the brews’ news recently, that Mill St. Brewery’s fifth Mill Street Brew Pub will be in St. John’s. It’ll be their first venture outside of Ontario.

In their own words, “Mill St. has gained a reputation for offering unique award-winning beers and a memorable dining experience … from tours to tastings, growlers to seasonal offerings, our Brewpub is craft beer at its best.”

mill st organicMill St. Brewery is well-known among beer drinkers for brews like Mill St. Organic, Tankhouse Ale, Vanilla Porter, and 100th Meridian,  all available at the NLC’s craft beer section. But they brew many others not currently available here too, like Cobblestone Stout, Belgian Wit, and a coffee porter, as well as an endless batch of seasonals.

When they open, it’s safe to speculate that most Mill St. beers will be available in their pub, because other locations offer their full suite of beers, whether or not there is on-site brewing. A job posting for a Head Brewer in St. John’s has already been posted by Labatt’s, and presumably filled (the job ad is no longer open). Labatt’s bought out Mill Street Brewery last October.

Timelines have yet to be announced for the construction and opening of the St. John’s location, but the rumour mill is churning up the idea of them sharing space with The Bier Markt [sic]  when they open in the space formerly occupied by The Keg on Harbour Drive.

In terms of food, the menu includes “Bar Bites” like beer nuts, pretzels, “Apps and Shareables” like smoked meat poutine and perogies, “Artisanal Toasts” like whipped ricotta and ‘Nduja & Cheese, a variety of sandwiches and salads, pubfare, brunch, and a kids’ menu — it’s a very exhaustive menu.

They also have weekly specials, like “Chef’s Feature Taco” on Mondays for $3.50, or $4 “Beer Bites” every Tuesday. The price goes up throughout the week: Wednesdays are “A Pie & Pint” and Thursdays are Chef’s Featured Stew: both $16. Fri-Sun, the specials are $23.

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  • It’s funny you say that, I actually avoid Yellow Belly because the beer is that bad. The food is ok, but I can’t justify the price if I can’t get a decent beer to go with it, couldn’t agree more

    • Never had a bad beer anywhere before. Yellow belly has awesome beer, those seasonals they keep churning out are great. Go buy a bud dude.

  • I think the likes of QV and Yellowbelly have felt a certain level of security being the only real craft brewers (Storm too I guess) in NL, and NLC not really on the ball with what consumers want, by default, pushes QV and YB products more than they should be. Glad to see this, along with possibly Bier Markt entering the game in NL, giving the consumers what they deserve.

  • Aint gonna be no competition… Mill Street will blow Yellow out of the water because they have a. Far auperior beer. Yellow Belly tastes like dorty tag water mixed with flour.

    • If you think Yellowbelly isn’t a good product and Labatt owned Mill Street is better you obviously have no idea what good beef is. Stick with Bud Light man.

      • Mill Street was an independent craft brewery that started in 2002. It was a small operation that gain traction and grew. So they have 13 years of making ‘craft beer’. They were bought by Labatt six months ago and their production hasn’t changed. It’s not automatically ‘bad’ now just because they have financial backing to expand their distribution and brew pub locations (probably the only reason the St. John’s location is happening in the first place).

        I live in Toronto where there are 60+ “Ontario Craft Brewers” that all manage not only to get along, but support one another. If St. John’s wants multiple craft beer options/locations, there shouldn’t be a problem of one vs the other.

    • If you don’t think their Wheat Ale is delicious, your taste buds are jerks and you should give them a stern talking to.

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