Brand New, Very Good EP from Make Mean Everything

Make Mean Everything

A lively 5-track album, marked by great, energetic guitar.
And it’s the latest in the ever-growing line of Georgie Newman produced GNAudio albums.

“Being able to finally put our names on something so well produced was a huge step for our band,” says frontman Jeff Cook. “Georgie approached us to record with him late last year and we all thought it was a great idea. His work on this EP was crucial in capturing a sound that is representative of the first time you see a band perform. We chose songs that we knew would be a good example of who we are as a band but also show the range of our influences and tastes. Our release party and all of the support lately is really giving us a push to give it all we’ve got. I’m excited to let everybody know our plans and show them what we’ve been working on.”

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