Borealis Music Prize (web)The Borealis Music Prize is given to the Best Local Album of the Year

It is a triple-juried award, meaning 1 jury creates a longlist, another creates a shortlist from the longlist, and a third jury picks the winner from a shortlist. Surviving three varied juries means winning it isn’t easy.

Each year, the winner receives $1,000 from The Overcast (presented at our annual Awards gala and holiday party) + a trophy for their mantlepiece + a cover story.

The award’s name is a contraction of Aurora Borealis: a fitting term for an album that shines brightly enough to stand out among 150+ local albums every year, and for an award whose aim is to shine a light on local music.

Eligible albums must be at least 6 songs or 30 minutes in length. And must be released between Oct. 31st 201X and Nov. 1st 201X+1.

Borealis is pronounced Bo-Re-Alice. It was conceived to keep the spirit of the Atlantis Music Prize alive.

2017 Longlist /2017 Shortlist / 2017 Winner

2016 Longlist / 2016 Shortlist / 2016 Winner 

2015 Longlist / 2015 Shortlist / 2015 winner

2014 Longlist 2014 Shortlist / 2014 Winner