Boat Haus’s sophomore effort, Coulda Swore, is defined by a pounding, frenetic energy, and their first single, “Seance,” captures that sound well.

It’s an immediately engaging powerhouse of a song, and was an easy choice for the band when it came to shooting a video. “This one became the single from the shared sense within the band that it was one of our best. It just crackled and sparked at jams and gigs and Jake (Nicoll) was able to capture that in the recording so we went for it,” says Greg Hewlett.

“The song is roughly about escaping from the grip of the past and the power it holds over you; holding a seance with things dead and gone in the attempt to come to terms with them.”

Hewlett had some images “banging around my head for the video,” and did his best to relay them to the band’s bassist and filmmaker for the video, Noah Bender. “I drew a crude outline which Noah just ran with and fleshed out into a very vivid piece.”

Hewlett jokes that “cats, being cats, brought some good spontaneity to the video shoot,” and it was by chance they captured the song title reflected in a window in the intro. “It was a funny thing where my phone was connected via bluetooth to the car stereo, and Seance started playing on shuffle, which Noah immediately shot and decided would be the opening scene.”

But what shines the most is how the video captures the song’s wild energy. “Going into it, we had a loose idea of what we wanted the video to look like,” Bender says, adding that, stylistically, the frenetic energy came somewhat naturally during the editing stage.

“Without thinking I just started playing around with super quick cuts, and sped up footage to match the fast-paced, high energy feel of the song. In the end I was super pleased with how the footage we shot was able to fit so well with the music.”