Comedian Matt Wright is currently workshopping his jokes, in preparation for an upcoming gig. He’s just booked at spot at Just For Laughs, the biggest comedy festival in the world.

“I’m trying to decide which jokes I’m going to tell there,” he says. “Trying to make older jokes better. Trial and error forever, basically.”

Along with the St. John’s-based funnyman, the show will feature comedians from across the country, and will be hosted by fellow local-boy-done-good and 22 Minutes alum Shaun Majumder.

Wright also spent some time in the 22 Minutes writers room recently, when he was brought up for a week at the end of last season.

“It was nice to be in a writers’ room,” says Wright. “I had never done that before so I was just trying to soak it all in. So many amazing people working on that show (on camera, in the room, the crew) so I basically just tried to learn on my feet and keep up as best I could. There’s so much amazing history with the show and to be a small part of it was crazy… I love writing sketches and seeing jokes you wrote on television was a really cool experience. And it was fun, too, most importantly. It was a wonderful opportunity to make stuff and collaborate and that’s all I want to do, really.”

Another 22 Minutes anchor that has crossed Wright’s path is Mark Critch. “I’ve been fortunate enough to work a couple of shows with Mark,” says Wright. “He’s really, really funny. Insanely quick. And has been kind enough to give me some advice. I have a lot of respect for him.”

The province has a reputation for producing funny people, and it’s equally well-known for its live music scene. However, live comedy in the city is bit more elusive. Wright feels that is beginning to shift.

“It really feels like this is the start of something when it comes to stand up in St. John’s,” says Wright. “Everything stems from the Yuk Yuk’s local night on Wednesdays (there’s a growing number of working professionals in the city) but there’s great room on Thursdays now at Trapper John’s, every second Tuesday at Bitters… I think more and more stuff will be popping up. I hope, at least.”

Along with the Just For Laughs show in Montreal, Wright is currently in post-production for two comedy short films (Home Invasion with Emily Bridger and Derek Seguin, and an untitled one starring Greg Malone).

Matt Wrights comedy album VASECTOMY BABY is available on iTunes.