In a move akin to Johnny Ruth + Living Planet on Water Street, presumably to kill two rents with one stone, Bistro Sofia is closing its doors, packing up its menu, and moving down the road to Black Sea Restaurant. That’s one way to deal with council’s ill-conceived tax hikes.

John Franklin, of Franklin Hotel, has been a business partner of Bistro Sofia’s owners forever. Those owners are chefs Gregory Bersinski and Tony Velinov, who also run the Mediterranean-leaning  Black Sea Restaurant.

Bistro Sofia’s European-bistro style menu will be blended with that of Black Sea’s. Hopefully this includes Bistro Sofia’s legendary baked goods and espressos. It’s sounding that way, as Black Sea is getting not only “new coffee equipment” but an aesthetic facelift.

The plan is Bistro Sophia by day (lunch) and Black Sea by night (supper). This will be pretty immediate, if you’re looking for a lunch spot this week.