One of the world’s biggest pizza chains – 3rd only to Domino’s and Pizza Hut in North America – was started because of a blind date gone right.

It was founded by a Detroit Tigers farm team shortshop, turned owner of the Detroit Red Wings Mike Ilitch, and his business-minded wife Marion. Ilitch died this February with a net worth of $6.1 Billion.

The couple opened their first shop with every last drop of their savings in 1959. It was almost called “Pizza Treat,” but Marian shot down the lame name. They went with her pet name for Mike instead, “Little Caesar.” The first store, in a strip mall in Detroit, was called “Little Caesar’s Pizza Treat.”

That original store is still open. Today, Little Caesars  has shops as far flung as The Caribbean to Australia, The Middle East to Canada. And now, here. They’re opening their doors on White Rose Drive, up by Stavanger Drive, in the same building as Bulk Barn. Check out their menu, deals, ane more: