As if you needed another reason to line up at St. John’s most bustling and beloved restaurant: Port Rexton Brewery — the island’s most buzzed about new business — has sent its first St. John’s bound kegs to Adelaide. 

Until now, Port Rexton Brewery has been slinging their beer in their own house only, in their namesake scenic seaside town of Port Rexton. But as the Instagram above attests, “Keg roadie! Sending our first two kegs to St. John’s today (T-Rex Porter) – find us and our beer at @theadelaideoysterhouse tonight! Drop by and say hello!”

Their T-Rex Porter is, as promised, a porter. A porter with nice, biscuit-roasted malt flavours of chocolate, coffee, cola, and caramel that build a medium sweet body. Big and balanced, this is the only craft porter available year round in Newfoundland (Storm’s Coffee Porter is a seasonal).

In settling on their core 4 beers, Port Rexton Brewing knew they wanted “a nice roasted dark beer as part of our starting lineup,” but they weren’t 100% on what that would be exactly. It came down to a porter, or an oatmeal stout, “but we were really pleased with how our porter had been turning out and we personally love porters as well. Besides, we live in Port Rexton not Stout Rexton! It’s obvious we needed a Porter as a flagship.”