Big Brother Canada is gearing up for another season, and they’d like to see another Newfoundlander on the show. 

“I’m from Los Angeles, so if I didn’t say the accent was the first thing that I noticed, I would be lying,” says casting director Robyn Kass of the people she’s met in this province.

“Besides the cool accent, there’s just a great energy. I just think that the people that I’ve met from Newfoundland have just been really cool and fun and you want to hang out with them, and they seem like good times,” says Kass.

She says it’s refreshing to meet people you instantly want to go for a beer with – the kind of energy Newfoundlanders bring to real life, and reality TV.

Newfoundlanders have done pretty well on Big Brother Canada in the past. Jon Pardy, who’s from Clarenville, actually won season two. And who can forget Kenny Brain, the model from Grand Falls-Windsor who also got a lot of traction on that season of the Global TV show.

No one from this province was on last season, but Andrew Monaghan kind of represented on the first season – his hometown is listed as Halifax, but he’s originally from Corner Brook. So y’know, the trail has been blazed, hopeful houseguests.

Kass says there’s a certain type of person who watches reality TV and wants to be on Big Brother, “that makes them stand out from the people who would never consider it in a million years.”

Apart from being filmed 24/7, the show is all about strategy, alliances, being a boss, and getting rid of people who piss you off. All in an effort to win cash money – namely a $100,000 grand prize. The casting crew is coming to St. John’s this Saturday (Oct. 3rd) for an open audition call from 10am to 2pm at the Sundance on George Street.

“I always tell people to get a good night’s sleep, come with a great attitude, be ready to talk about yourself and about Big Brother,” says Kass.

So what are they looking for in a houseguest?

“We’re just looking for people who really want to play the game. We’re looking for people who have strong opinions about really any type of subject. We’re looking for people who are competitive. And we’re always looking for something different, a different type of person than we’ve seen in the last few seasons.”

You can also shoot off a short video showing what you’ve got. Kass says for videos and for auditions, it’s best to keep it simple and be yourself.

To be eligible, potential houseguests have to be at least 19 years old by February 1, 2016 and a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Their website also says you have to be “in excellent physical and mental health,” so there’s that.