“Ms Janitor from the January issue would love cleaning the washrooms at my place of work. The urinals have little, if any, pee on the floor adjacent to them. I suspect that the auto-flush is a big reason why. Men generally don’t like standing too close to a urinal while relieving their bladder due to the splashback which occurs when the stream hits the porcelain. Not a huge deal for most of an average leak, but those last ten seconds when the pressure is at its lowest is when the man should either lean in or move closer to avoid spillage. The autoflush ensures that the previous individual’s urine has been fully washed away and hugging the urinal doesn’t feel as gross. That said, being intoxicated while standing at a urinal is totally different; the drunker the men are, the less they care where they pee. Hope this sheds some light on your workplace mystery. Thanks for keeping the floors clean!” – I.P Standing