There is no such thing as “best” in music, it’s all a matter of personal taste, but for the sake of starting some conversation, and because of popular demand, our August issue will be our annual “Best of St. John’s” issue. We asked the people of the province about their favourite local everything of the last year. Below are the songs that received the most votes for their categories. Pick up a copy of the forthcoming August issue of The Overcast to see who won in these categories, and many, many others.

Your 5 Favourite Quiet Songs

“Morning Break” by Steve Maloney and the Wandering Kind

“Winter Bones” by Lady Brett Ashley

“Little Fires” by Gala

“Lilies” by Nick Ryan and Naomi Kavka

“In Spring” by Steve Maloney and the Wandering Kind

 Your 10 Favourite Upbeat Songs of the Last Year

“Crocuses” by Pathological Lovers

“Circle Comes Undone” by Steve Maloney and the Wandering Kind

“Nice Girls” by Repartee

“Night Rainbows” by Green and Gold

“Beach / Leper City” by The Beer Patrice

 “Lifeless Acts” by Waterfront Fire

“Dig at You” by Pet Vet

“Young Hymns” by Gala

“Bannerman” by Delusion Victims

“Last Night She Said” by Family Video

Your 5 Favourite Heavy Songs of the Last Year

 “The Architect” by The Combine

“Revisionist” by Bridges

“Icicles” by Monsterbator 

“Mutation” by The Combine

“Momentum” by Uneeda