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  1. Hi Anonymous, the poll is working. you need to type in your answers to every question below the image is all. Sometimes it’s not obvious if the cursor doesn’t automatically show up there flashing.

  2. Hey folks, only answers from the poll will count. Comments here will not count as it is unclear which category your answers apply to

  3. It wasn’t a great choice to have write in answers (Unless you provided a list of all the new restaurants this year)

  4. The trouble is, in years we have provided a list of options, people get mad because the list inevitably fails to include all of the hundreds of local restaurants. We’ve found that people tend to want a blank slate (even though I, the editor here, feel like jogging people’s memory helps them, and it definitely gets a greater rate of responses)

  5. I had to back up and redo a couple of categories because the submit button didn’t activate. poll is not working as well as you seem to think.

  6. That’s bad news. We’ve looked into it and are being told its an issue of high traffic overwhelming the poll occasionally, or that someone is trying to take the poll a second time from the same computer/device. We’ll dig a little deeper here and get to the bottom of it, thanks.

  7. I would love to have a “best chef” category … maybe next year! (Or was it there and I missed it!?). Because… Amy Anthony.
    So many good chefs in town but I find I chose lunch at the Ship over every other option for those specials! Just want to celebrate her a little.

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