The Bier Markt (don’t mind the spelling, just pronounce it with your thickest German accent), is a Toronto chain with a simple claim to fame: 150 beers on the menu. From 30 different countries.

Dozens and dozens of these beers are on tap, there will be ever-changing seasonals, and townies will finally have access to sour ales. The menu comes with a dictionary of beer so you can properly explore the world of lagers and ales.

There are currently 5 Bier Markts in Toronto, 1 in Ottawa, and 1 on Montreal … with the 8th planned to move into the building formerly occupied by The Keg on Harbour Drive. (If you haven’t noticed, The Keg slid next door, to take over the building Legros & Motti’s left behind.)

In addition to the overwhelming drink menu, they serve food meant to complement beer, from gouda bombs and duck wings, to charcuterie and spaetzle soup.