Many people remember Brian from his viral “I’m in a Pothole” video, mocking the state of streets in St. John’s. Others know he’s set a world record for stand-up during the HBC Fest, when he performed 21 different 10-minute sets at 21 different venues … and no joke: it was all different material.

After many years of relentless touring, and honing his craft, he has chosen this weekend to finally do his first live taping of a comedy album. “I’ve been doing comedy for eleven years,” he says. “It’s not that long actually in comedy years. I have been touring the island for the past year and I wanted my first comedy album to be recorded at home. This weekend is it!”

You can catch him Friday the 10th, or Saturday the 11th at the LSPU Hall, at 8pm. Tickets are $20. To quote the Hall’s website, “Brian delivers a brand of comedy that isn’t necessarily angry, as he mocks aspects of society, culture, and himself, while maintaining an undeniable likability.”

He says the opening acts include “four of NL’s finest up and comers. It’s big night out.” Aylward’s own material  for the album doesn’t have a real theme or concept. “I’m a confessional comic, so there is some self-deprecating material, relationship stuff, and some wild stories from my travels overseas.”