Why do Townies want their cod filet with the skin removed? Leaving the skin on makes for tastier, moister, more nutritious, and easily prepared fish.

Why won’t Townies eat fish other than cod, salmon, and halibut? There is a lot of fantastic fish out there that we don’t bother with.

Why is all the pork sausage, fresh and cured, so lacking in porcine power? It wants a piggy flavour. Peter Burt (of Raymonds) is offering some tremendously good pork sausage at Rocket and Chinched is making top chacuterie for their resto but otherwise it is dull stuff.

What is so hard to grasp about Tapas/Pintxos/Cicchetti? Why don’t more places offer little things to eat while you are having a drink? Chiched, The Adelaide Oyster House, and Magnum and Steins do great small plates but they are not really the same thing.

How can there be no Italian place downtown? How?

How does it remain 1974 in all the Chinese restaurants?

How can we be importing lamb from the antipodes when our own is far and away the best in the world?

Why does the NLC stock such an enormous selection of the very top tier of wines from Bordeaux? It’s great, you would be hard pressed to find a shop in Paris with as wide and deep a selection, but they are mostly costly vin de garde, wines that require at least eight to ten years cellaring to be ready to drink. The grandest examples, the top growths of the best vintages require up to twenty years down. Very few people have wine cellars. That shelf space could be dedicated to many desirable, earlier drinking wines from France, much as they do with the Italian wines. By way of example there is not one Beaujolais Cru wine to buy. Similarly why do they stock such a vast selection of spoofolated barbeque sauce from Australia, almost all of which is undrinkable? The selection of rosé wines at the liquor store comes close to being a display of the worst examples from around the world.

A restaurant doesn’t have to have a sommelier for it to have a wine list that responds to the menu. Most lists in town are haphazard afterthoughts. Make the wine list in consultation with someone who knows and cares.

Why do so many restaurants offer more choices than they can reasonably deliver? Bigger is rarely better in a menu.

Why doesn’t anyone retail anything other than wet-packed beef? Steak and joint lovers want dry-aged.
I understand that Coors Light has the benefit of being especially easy to “get in ya” but how can so much crap industrial Canadian beer be sold when local alternatives from Quidi Vidi, Yellow Belly, and Storm are so much better.

White fleshed battery-farmed chicken is just gross, the eggs produced in the same fashion, ditto.
Why do people put fruit and especially tomatoes in the fridge? It is unnecessary and destroys their texture. If you want to keep fruit that long … why would you want to keep fruit that long? Leave it on the counter until ripe and then eat it.

Picky eaters, imagine them in bed.