Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist Basia Bulat treated fans to a 90-minute show at the Arts and Culture Centre on Wednesday night. If the air outside was April cold snap frigid, Bulat was on fire straight out of the gate inside. 

Opening with La La Lie, the lead-off track on her 2016 album Good Advice, Bulat and her band romped through the “wall of sound” pop songs on Good Advice with sparks flying.

Prior to the show, my familiarity of Bulat’s music was limited, and much as I wanted to stare at her wicked silver boots all night, her powerful vibrato and self-assured stage presence duly commanded my attention, along with that of the rest of the crowd.

Indeed, Bulat seems to be an artist in full command of her talent; equally at ease sliding between the earlier folk songs she first gained major attention for, and the upbeat Spector pop songs found on Good Advice. Whatever style, or instrument she played, Bulat impressed, owning both the stage and crowd from start to finish.

Bulat kept the banter to a minimum, but when she did address the crowd, she recounted chasing icebergs earlier in the week, and talked of her deep affection for Newfoundland, joking that shows here are starting to feel like hometown shows.

The crowd reciprocated that affection in spades, hanging on to every song before heading back out into the cold, cold night.