Bottom line; the right thing to drink is what you like to drink, and the right way to drink it is the way you like to drink it. That said, the current cocktail craze has us all trying new things, some local, some exotic, some totally obscure.

You can choose your cocktail by the base of the drink (gin, rum, etc.), the mix (juice, soda, maybe just more booze) , the region of origin, or your mood at the time. Or, you can drink by your star sign.

Each sign rules certain geographical regions, foods, herbs, and spices, all of which can be considered when deciding on your next beverage. Here’s a  thoughtful guide,  lighter options also included.


  • Manhattan variation made with Newfoundland Distillery Co. Aquavit
  • A turbo Gin and Tonic: add cold brew coffee to the standard.
  • Pale lager.



  • Fig Bourbon Fizz, using fig jam; the “fizz” is cream soda.
  • Plum Dang It: Rum and plum. Complete its sweet flavour with lime.



  • Caraway Old Fashioned, using caraway infused bitters.
  • Black Licorice, simply Sambuca and Pepsi.
  • Saison style beer.



  • Ginger Beer Margarita with sea salt rim.
  • Grapefruit Penicillin , a great twist on the scotchy classic.
  • Easy drinking beer like Muskoka’s Detour.



  • The Godfather, whiskey meets Amaretto.
  • Tequila Sunrise to celebrate your ruling planet, make it a Clarks Beach Sunrise by substituting Aquavit.
  • Red Stripe beer.



  • Swiss Cartel, the surprisingly delicious tequila Negroni.
  • Cucumber Dill Paloma is a refreshing take on the tequila classic, vodka substitution works too.
  • Champagne or Prosecco.



  • Fox Mulder, an out of this world blend of rye, lemon, pineapple, and Chartreuse.
  • Vanilla Mojito, just as cooling as the original but softer.
  • Sapporo beer.



  • Mary Kim, a tequila Bloody Mary with kimchi.
  • Chanterelle Martini , hit the woods or visit your local forager for the ‘shrooms to make the syrup.
  • Chardonnay



  • Basil Smash, a fresh and potent gin creation.
  • Long Beach Iced Tea, made by substituting cranberry juice for cola.
  • Unpretentious red wine such as Szekszardi Voros.



  • Ruby Queen, scotch, beet juice, and honey with citrus and tarragon garnish.
  • Juliet and Romeo, gin based with mint, cucumber, and rosewater.
  • Brown Ale like Newcastle.



  • Celery Cup, a vegetal Pimms Cup adding cucumber vodka muddled with celery.
  • Caesar, loads of garnish.
  • Blue collar beer like Pabst Blue Ribbon.



  • Thai Style Bloody Mary, spicy with lime, cilantro, fish sauce and a shot of beer.
  • Clover Club, vintage, frothy and gin-based with raspberry.
  • Refreshing Vinho Verde wine.