Author: Greg Hewlett

This Dam is Your Dam, This Dam is My Dam, Part 1: Unpacking Muskrat Falls

Writing about Muskrat Falls comes from the urge to keep track, bear witness, and to help amplify the voices of those who have been doing so, and pushing back, since its inception. As it happens, the wisdom and warnings of several scholars, consultants, land protectors, and activists recently gathered to discuss the matter have not been well-enough heard, much less heeded.

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Modern Rock is “Good Enough,” Brandon Flowers

“In a recent interview with Noisey, Brandon Flowers, said that new rock bands haven’t been achieving widespread popularity in recent times because “there hasn’t been anybody good enough. I submit that he’s in need of perspective, just as I was ten years ago “dancing” to Mr. Brightside at Lottie’s with my sixth White Russian sloshing in hand.”

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