On a ski slope in Minnesota, during the summer they put down a type of plastic that allows skiers to ski all summer. Other ski hills have big festivals. Marble Mountain itself installed some zip lining. You gotta monetize those hills in the 3 of 4 seasons no one’s skiing. We asked for
some suggestions, and here are some of your answers:

“Treehouse campsite: glamping. Seriously, glorious adult treehouses as a unique campground, would be so original.” – SUE

“Turn the chalets into seasonal casinos. Seriously. We love to gamble and have a good time here, might as well ‘cash in on it.’ There’d be something kind of fun about the casinos only being there 3-4 months that would make you feel like you better get in on the fun while you can.” – WHEN TO HOLD ‘EM

“Three (or four?) words: ginormous Slip ‘N Slide” – LINDA BROWNE

“Put down a type of material that would let us go water tubing down the hill! Every slope = a waterslide. Gives it a family park feel, fun for kiddos and parents.” – A

“Downhill mountain biking. Most ski hills do this in the off season. Need to have bikes available for rent, but hills are turning a good profit with this venture.” – JON KETTLE

“Develop a well considered and well designed (many experts to provide opinion) mountain biking / downhill network and modify the facilities to handle the different requirements during summer.” – ANON

“How about turning these places into otherworldly, contained experiences for the summer and fall, by which I mean, could we make Marble Mountain feel like the wild west of the 1800s? Saloons, horses, brothels, populated by a staff of actors (pretending to be duelling in streets, or offering to take you on gold-finding expeditions, and stuff like that), sex workers in a “brothel” (could be a legit, safe workspace for actual sex workers), some park security, obviously, but in character, dressed as old-fashioned sheriffs. Could have a restaurant serving food from the era. Brilliant. You’re welcome.” – DYKE.

“See ‘Wild Play Adventure Hill’ in Fort Mac.” – ANON

“Not adding summer mountain biking and trail running events in and around Marble is just foolish. There’s infinite models out there showing how profitable, both financially for the resort, and physically for the participants this is! Being one of the most obese government states in the world, Newfoundland needs to take a stand and add more physical fitness options to get people outside and having fun doing it!” – TIM WARREN

“First thing Marble needs to do is advertize their ziplining more, if they want people to use it. And not in The Western Star, but places younger folks will see it.” – TIM MARLAND

“I’ve been to ski hills in North America that simply lay down some kind of plastic that allows people to continue to ski / snowboard / skateboard on the slopes in the summer and fall. Seems like the most logical approach? Keep ski hills as ski hills, but year round?” – WINTER4EVA

“Check out Sun Peaks Resort in Kamloops, which has been very successful making it an all season resort with the introduction of a town, complete with a school, medical clinic, outdoor hockey rink, community swimming pool and condos for rent, and a number of hotels have all increased year after year. Summer concert series on holidays, and farmers markets every weekend, summer hiking trails. Downhill bike trails, competitions, mud and adventure races. Outdoor obstacle courses have also been successful for other mountains here in B.C. like ‘Wild Play’ insure people keep coming.” – LENNY STANLEY

“It’s a no-brainer: there already exists lifts, and loads of people who’d love to downhill bike and loathe to uphill bike, whom those lifts could take to the top of the mountain all day long. Have some good beer on tap and live music, and bam: it’s a hit.” – BEN W.

“…Let’s not forget about the cross country trails at these ski hills, and those who love exploring and bikepacking. The X-country trails could be used as well by cyclists. Extensive modification would not necessarily be needed for [those] who want to explore. Back country campsites would be super for those going on longer excursions.” – FATBIKE REPUBLIC


“Demographics and weather are proving to be the biggest challenges to both of our provincial ski resorts. We cannot change the aging population, nor the weather, but we can supplement the facilities with something that appeals to an aging demographic and that is insensitive to weather. First, most every other province has casinos, and these things have proven to be a cash cow for their owners. These resorts would make excellent casino locations – and that would support their existence as winter ski resorts. Second, working in partnership with private developers to build and sell cottage lots would populate the resort areas – people bring opportunity. In Clarenville, the Dark Hole Pond area is ripe for development.” – PAUL TILLEY