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When it first opened, Atlantica restaurant was making waves, the food was exceptional, and the staff included Jeremy Charles and Jeremy Bonia (the dynamic duo behind Raymonds Restaurant, which was recently crowned the best restaurant in Canada by a jury of their peers).

In 2007, Air Canada’s En Route Magazine called them the best new restaurant in Canada. This year, they had to shutter up. Despite arguably pioneering the recent food culture revolution Greater St. John’s, and its focus on farm-to-table and local terroir, the restaurant is currently closed up and being sued for more than half a million dollars.

The Business Development Bank of Canada filed a claimed in April, with the Supreme Court of Canada, stating that Beach House, Inc. (owners of the restaurant) owed them more than half a million dollars, and have not repayed the initial loan as agreed. Former owner Kory Turpin passed away in 2013, when new owners came onbaord, and much staff turnover occured.  

The loan has not been repayed, and now the Supreme Court has ordered the sale of its assets, including the beautifully located building itself (which houses both the restaurant and a four-unit rental property), as well as land, restaurant equipment, furnishings, and other odds and ends.

Jane & Noseworthy will be accepting bids until July 18th.