Leading up the the provincial election, we’ll round up whatever exists online about the candidates in each of the 10 districts of Greater St. John’s.

As you know, you can vote for the candidate whose party leader you want as premier, or, you can vote for the candidate in your district whom you think will best represent your neighbourhood’s wants and needs. To find out what district you are in, click here. For a list of the wheres and whens of voting this month, click here.

Liberal Candidate: Paul Lane

♦ Current MHA for Mount Pearl South; Has been both a Mt. Pearl city councillor and deputy mayor.

♦ In 2014, to protest Kathy Dunderdale’s leadership/government, he jumped ship to join the Liberals, stating that “the vast majority of my constituents support me and the work I am doing, [but] they no longer have confidence in our government.” He had been the Progressive Conservative Caucus Chair.

♦ Paul has been the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Innovation, Business, and Rural Development, and prior to launching his political career, he worked in occupational health and safety, hence his having served as the Opposition Critic responsible for Workplace Health, Safety & Compensation Commission.

NDP Candidate: Roy Locke

♦ Former president of the NL NDP, and former mayor of Appleton (in central NL).

♦ Spent over twenty years as an International Union Representative, and as a small business owner, he “sees the impacts of government policy or lack thereof on businesses and working families every day.”

♦ Cites his time volunteering with sports groups and the Frosty Festival as proof he “knows the value of community.”

Progressive Conservative Candidate: Jim Lester

♦ Jim’s family owns and operates Lester’s Farm Inc. — which consists of Lester’s Farm Chalet and an Aquaponics Food Production System. They also operate an environmental services division that collects and composts commercial organic waste to be used in beneficial food production.

♦ Understands community and charity. “Every year, Jim and his Family provide thousands of pounds of vegetables to local charities and social causes. The farm employs up to 70 people annually, many of which are students who are working their first job.”

♦ Would advocate for small and medium sized business in the House of Assembly, and is a “passionate agriculturalists who wants to impart the importance of food production, environmental consciousness, and resource management to everyone he meets.”