Ask Jack

“Hey, Jack, I keep going to buy a ‘Fleshlight,’ but the things are like $100. Do they really feel like the real thing? Worth the cash?” – Dude_1

Does it feel “like the real thing?,” well, the real thing comes attached to someone you’re very attracted to, maybe in love with,  who is naked, interactive, amazing, and definitely not a sex toy shaped like a flashlight. (For anyone reading this who doesn’t know, a Fleshlight is a synthetic vagina.)

Does sticking your penis in it feel like sticking your penis in a vagina? Yes, it’s surprisingly accurate. Before using it, you place it in a bowl of warm water, then lubricate it, so it’s warm and wet. There is a cap at the base you can loosen or tighten to achieve desired … suction (for lack of a better word). The material, when warm and lubricated, and the endcap adjusted to where you like it, is, yes, worth the cash. Men used to worry if vibrators would replace them. Well, there’s a good standup routine on Youtube about a man cheating on his wife with his Fleshlight, “No condoms, no risk of impregnating it, sold.”

Ask Jill

“Any advice for hooking up with guys as an Female-to-Male person who hasn’t had (or isn’t planning to have) lower surgery? Guys seem so vag-phobic around here. How do I find a guy who is as excited about my ‘bonus hole’ as I am? – Jayson

Oh, I wish I had a mountain of good advice for you but all I can suggest is to date. Date a lot. Have fun.  Get to know people a little before hooking up and before you get intimate. Build that connection first. I’m sure at some point you will stumble into someone who will want to date you because you’re great not because of what “holes” you may or may not have.  You are a man looking to date other men. From what I can see, there are a lot of awesome gay dudes in this city. Funny ones, gorgeous ones, accepting ones, and understanding ones. Sure, there are a lot of assholes, but there are also a lot of really warm, loving guys as well. Good luck!

“Can I get an STD from oral sex, in St. John’s? What kinds? Is it really common enough to worry about?

You can get an STI from unprotected oral sex, absolutely.  This can happen in Tokyo, in New York city, and yes, even in St. John’s.  According to Eastern Health, the incident rates of STIs in NL are lower than elsewhere but there has been a steady increase in the last five years.  We are not exempt, by no means, from STIs, so protect yourself! Use condoms or dental dams when you’re performing or receiving oral sex, ok? Promise?

The STIs that are most likely to be transmitted during oral sex are Herpes, Gonorrhea, HPV, and Syphilis. There is even a small chance of Chlamydia, Hepatitis B, and HIV/Aids. (The risk of HIV/Aids transmission is small but still there, especially for the person performing oral sex.) None of these things are fun. Please be safe!
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