Ask Jack

“Hey: does Jelqing really achieve results or am I just wasting my time?” – Pully McPull

For those of you reading this who don’t know what “Jelqing” is, it’s a silly, futile attempt at elongating one’s penis. As a rule, one wraps the soft penis in a warm facecloth, to soften and relax tissues, then you make the “Okay” sign with your hand, grasping the base of the penis with the ring-shape formed by your forefinger and thumb. You pull outward, forcing blood to the head of the penis, and let go just as you begin to repeat the motion with the other hand … over and over and over like you’re milking a cow.

Stats have shown this method not only DOESN’T work, but will quite likely shrink your penis, via an elastic effect. Worse still, you can seriously damage your penis. Do not jelq. Focus instead on the fact the size of your penis won’t get your woman off — learning how to excite her vagina will.

Ask Jill

“Hi. Is there a sexual position that feels best for women?” – A Guy

Hey there,

Just like there isn’t one pizza topping that EVERY woman loves, there also isn’t one position that will, without a doubt, please every woman. If you want to find a sexual position that feels the best for the woman you are with, experiment! P.S. Don’t forget to have fun!

“I know my girlfriend is a little grossed out by back hair, and that’s fine, I go to a professional and have it waxed off. I’m wondering if it would affect her perception of me if I confessed I do this AND asked her to wax my back for me? It’d be cheaper and less awkward than having strangers do it! But I don’t want her grossed out or anything. Know what I mean?” – Hairy Harry

Hey Hairy Harry,

If someone is grossed out by something that naturally occurs on the bodies of millions of men (and women) all over the world, then perhaps you might want to think about what kind of person you are with.

Everyone is allowed a preference, of course,  but grossed out seems like a super childish reaction to me.  Also, if filling her in on the fact that you have a hairy back changes her perception of you, I think  she sounds pretty shallow.  Not someone I’d want to share my body with.

But hey, if you’re doing this solely because it’s what you want, go ahead and talk to her about it. If, like you said, she’s grossed out by back hair, she probably won’t want to wax it for you but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Make sure that going through the trouble of waxing your entire back is something that feels right for you. Don’t let anyone else tell you how your body should look.

P.S. Some women adore hairy dudes. If it doesn’t work out with your hair hatin’ lady, I’m sure you will have no trouble finding someone who adores every hair on your body.

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