Every second Tuesday, two local sex and relationship writers take your anonymous questions … 

Ask Jack:

“Jack: I know it’s weird, but how weird? One of my breasts is, if you stare, noticeably bigger than the other. I’m a little conscious of having my shirt off in front of a guy or him paying my breasts much attention on account of it, to the point I find myself cutting foreplay short and cutting right to sex.” – Lopsided Lucy

Hi Lucy. I can reassure you that 99% of men are going to be so happy to have your breasts at their disposable they’re not going to care about symmetry, size, or anything, honestly. They won’t even notice the size difference, or if they do, they’re certainly not going to hold it against you or the moment, because they’re going to be too preoccupied with having breasts right there in front of them. Unlike piano recitals, breasts needn’t be perfect to please a man.

In fact, it’s more than “normal” for one breast to be larger, because each breast is formed separately and the body just can’t get them to perfectly match. Any man who has been with a few women will have noticed this. Likewise with one nipple looking or even acting a little differently than the other. What I’d be more concerned with is a woman cutting foreplay or boobplay short like you’re doing. Trust me, that’ll bother him, or stand out, more!

Lastly, if there is really a significant difference, be sure to rule out breast cancer with your doctor.

Ask Jill:

“Hi Jill: Do women prefer circumcised or uncircumcised penises?” -Bob

Hey Bob, It’s always so hard to answer questions like these because there is no right or wrong answer.  It’s like asking do women prefer vanilla or chocolate ice cream. Some women like chocolate. Some women like vanilla. Some women like strawberry. Some women don’t even like ice cream. (or penises, for that matter) I don’t think you should ever worry about things like this. Be happy with the penis that you have. I’m sure whatever woman you share your penis with will adore it if she adores you. Circumcised or uncircumcised.

“Any tips on how to make a date go well?” – Sally

Hi Sally,
My best advice? Relax. Dating can be scary sometimes and absolutely nerve wracking but if you just stop and calm down a little, you’ll be fine. When dating, be honest and be open. Don’t pretend to be anyone but your amazing self. Don’t be judgemental or overly picky about the small shit. Ask questions. Tell little stories about yourself. Eat good food. Have a drink (but not too many). Don’t have crazy expectations. Most of all – have fun. This person may not turn out to be your soul mate but it’s so fun getting to know someone new. Enjoy it!

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