Applying Uniform Pressure

“It makes me sad for men when I hear people get upset about things like “man buns.” I work with some guys who do this. They make fun of guys with long hair. They joke about the guy in the office who wears colourful shirts. Yet, these guys all look and dress the same, and they all wear ball caps. I feel like 90% of the men I see in this province, regardless of age, wear f*#king ball caps, every single day. If you have hair, why not take off your cap, and I don’t know, comb it or something? Mix it up. And if you really dig your ball cap, or you’re too lazy to do anything with yourself, fine, but don’t crap on other men who don’t want to dress like you. It’s mean and really, really boring.” – ANOM

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  • Sorry if you’re bored, but men shouldn’t have to dress a certain way to keep women excited, and vise versa. Your double standard is showing.

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