If you recently caught The Mayhemmingways amazing cross-island performances and enjoyed them, then brace yourself for another hoedown: this one leaning a more traditional roots.

Self-described as a “an old-time folk duo with a great sense of humour,” the pair consist of Jimmy Bowskill and Dan Fewings, and their union as a touring duo was formed in an odd yet perfectly fitting manner.

By the age of ten, teachers had recognized the immense musical talents ofBowskill,and spent his teens opening for impressive blues and rock acts — not too surprising given the man has “skill” in his last name. He’s a proven multi-instrumentalist and a pitch perfect bluegrass singer.

Here’s the fun twist on the duo: Dan Fewings was Jimmy’s high school teacher; the man who taught him, among other things, guitar. Fewings retired this past June and is “looking forward to his first tour after twenty-eight years of teaching.”
They’re touring to celebrate the release of their independently released album High Strung, Fully Wound, an album that features the autoharp — a bizarre trad instrument made popular by Basia Bulat in this country.
They’re also touring to “fulfil a dream that started back nince years ago when Dan Fewings was teaching Jimmy Bowskill in high school.”

Newfoundland Tour Dates

Thursday, September 18th The Whitehorse Lounge, Corner Brook 10pm
Friday, September 19th Closing Party and The Once afterparty at Galliott Studios 10:30pm
Saturday, September 20th Citadel House, Lewisporte 7:30pm
Sunday, September 21st 5-7pm at Nautical Nellies, St. John’s & 9pm at The Ship in St. John’s
Monday, September 22nd  Grates Cove Studios, Grates Cove  8:30pm
Tuesday, September 23rd 8pm at Two Whales Coffee Shop, Port Rexton  8pm