Announcing The Overcast’s Prize-Packed Borealis Music Prize

Winner receives: $1,000 + a showcase at this year’s ECMA East Coast Music Week + a slot in the 2015 Halifax Pop Explosion!

Borealis Music Prize (web)

Announcing The Overcast’s Prize-Packed Borealis Music Prize

Why: Because we love local music enough to put our money where our mouth is. And because we want to bring local music to a wider audience.

Winner receives: $1,000 + a showcase at this year’s ECMA East Coast Music Week + a slot in the 2015 Halifax Pop Explosion! Bam! A trio of rewards.

Release Date Eligibility: Any album by a local musician or band released between Sept. 30th 2013 and October 1st 2014.

Album Length Eligibility: To be considered for this award, an album must be at least 6 songs, or 30 minutes long. Which sadly excludes dozens of dandy EPs released in this time period.

How to Submit: No need. It’s our job to have every local release on our radar, but if you’re worried we might have forgotten you, shoot an email to

Longlist Reveal: a 20-album longlist will be posted on our website Monday Oct. 20th.

Shortlist Reveal: a 5-album shortlist will be revealed in our November print issue.

Winner Reveal: The winner will be announced on the cover of our December issue, having been crowned a few nights earlier at a night of live music featuring some of the shortlisted artists.

The following jury will be given a longlist from which they will decide on a shortlist: Lukas Wall (The Overcast), Tom Power (CBC), Jamie Fitzpatrick (CBC), Zach Goudie (CBC), Alyson Samson (CBC), Angela Antle (CBC), Tony Ploughman (Fred’s Records), Tara Bradbury (The Telegram), Wendy Rose (The Herald), Tom Cochrane (The Corner Brooker), Bryan Power (Lawnya Vawnya), Andrea Vincent (Lawnya Vawnya), Krista Power (Mighty Pop), Mark Bragg (Musician), Katie Baggs (Musician), Craig Collins (avid show goer), Samm Joy (avid show goer), Jen Winsor (MusicNL), Bonnie Fedrau (MusicNL), Lorne Loder (Harbourage Music Festival), Mike Heffernan (Author of the fortcoming book Scumtribe: Ten Years that Changed Newfoundland Music, 1985-95), and the folks at Full Time Productions.

Grand Jury: Jud Haynes (Mighty Pop), Mack Furlong (Sound Symposium) + 3 more TBA.

The Borealis Music Prize recognizes uncommon talent, potential, and/or striking originality in any genre of music, with an aim to give the winning act some career-enhancing exposure. Borealis is a contraction of Aurora Borealis, a fitting term for an album that manages to shine brightly enough to stand out among the 150+ albums recorded each year in Newfoundland.

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  • You’re entitled to your opinions, Wanket, but they’re poorly informed and awfully presumptuous. Have you sat on a jury and had a bad experience or something? I’ve sat on a dozen juries for awards and grants in this city, and not once were decisions made lightly. And the deliberations went on for hours and hours, with no one allowed to say, “Well, this person is so cool and popular and such a good friend, I vote for them!” So your comment that “It’s about who you know and your associations,” isn’t fair or true in the dozen or more jury experiences I have had. The Overcast is hauling $1,000 out of our bank account for this, so you can trust we want this done right and fairly. Besides, each of THREE juries is given a list they had no hand in forming. No one’s interested in handing this to a band that doesn’t earn it, and anyone who’d pick their “association’s” band wouldn’t be asked to be a part of this. I just think you’re making an assumption on how juries work without having served on any (or having served on ones that were poorly facilitated). No one’s being handed this award for being well-liked, but for having survived and impressed THREE different juries. “Best of” polls suffer from what you speak of, but not a triple juried award. As for thinking Jud or Mack would “sway” the jury, I have to assume you haven’t met them. They’re not to type to be unreasonable jury bullies OR be swayed by another’s opinion. So, I hope I’m not sounding defensive here, but you’re being a little presumptuous to piss on an award that’s actually quite well-considered, with your assumptions on how “all these things work.” Unless, of course, you’ve served on the Atlantis or Polaris or Mercury jury before. But with those assumptions, I can’t imagine you have.

  • going to the rose later to watch mr supper and pervert week, come find me. ill have a red carnation in my lapel

  • im sure you’ll get to the bottom of this .. you should definitly continue to invest more time and mental energy

  • Monsterbator eh? I seem to remember reading somewhere that they were someone’s favorite local band. An interview in the Overcast or The Scope perhaps? Yes. They got a grant? Who was on the jury?

  • so when monsterbator gets an album grant from Musicnl over the likes of HeyRosetta et al. , forgive me for not agreeing with you. and i dont think your shit man. didnt mean to be testy, i just cant understand why you feel the way you do

  • And that is my point. If I had a band you’d consider it shit before even hearing it. It’s about who you know and your associations. You just passed judgement on a band that doesn’t exist, called it shit. You don’t know me and don’t share my point of view so you think I am shit. And that’s exactly how these “awards” play out. I’d get bent but I really don’t want to try and fit in with your crooked bunch.

  • and as to why i assumed you were talking about Jud, is that everyone knows Mack Furlong is a die hard bridges fan

  • ya man.. like.. this award is run by a cabal of bigwigs bent on keeping yr sh*t band from getting the credit it deserves .. get bent

  • Didn’t open my mouth I used my fingers. Don’t take my opinion on as your own. I don’t care if I pissed you off dude. These things, in my opinion, are always unfairly judged. And another thing – I didn’t name the judge. That’s your assumption which gives my opinion more power as you are clearly defending someone I didn’t even name. Why did you do that? Is there something we all should know?

  • wanket … you’ve really ticked me off dude. clearly your insinuating that because jud haynes is on the grand jury .. green and gold are gonna win … jud has been working in and around the music biz for a long time, and is in too all kinds of different sh*t (mighty pop Bonnie Prince Billy show??) if green and gold deserve to win they will and if they dont they wont. may i remind you that the borealis award is picking up where the atlantis prize left off… and the last 2 winners were thee internet, and All the wiles… pretty diverse stuff. not the “obvious” choices, but based on the MERIT artistically of the albums in question. and many of the judges this year were involved in those years.. so stop running your mouth… wanket

  • don’t need to know the rest. You already revealed the one name on the Grand Jury list that should never be a part of any juries due to biased decisions. The others will follow his lead.

    • Not until you blow our minds by telling us how you know Green & Gold will win the grand jury’s “biased votes” without even knowing the grand jury 😉

    • They wouldn’t even be eligible. The Body knows came out before September 30th from what I can remember, but maybe I’m wrong.

      Also it’s a fucking deadly album and if it fits the criteria listed then it should be included.

    • How about when we post the longlist, you actually place a $20 bet on the winner, based on this bias you speak of, and if you’re right, we’ll cut you a cheque for $20, so we can at least have fun with it? Note that there’ll be a second jury — the grand jury — formed, of people NOT on the first jury, who have no clear affiliation with the shortlisted artists. If you’ve ever served on a grant or award jury you know that everyone at the table has a connection to a band in the running, but, it doesn’t actually get in the way, because you’re accountable for your decisions: the grand jury argues for hours over these things and “I really like him/her” doesn’t fly. Anyway, the grand jury won’t have a connection to anyone on the shortlist. It’s almost impossible to remove all connections, and this award apologizes on behalf of the way things are in Newfoundland, and that everyone knows everyone. But 1 jury made the longlist, another will make the shortlist, and another will pick a winner — whoever wins will have survived THREE juries, so what you’re saying isn’t entirely fair. Next year, we’ll outsource it all to people on the mainland to avoid people like yourself discrediting such a positive award before its winner is even crowned.

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