“Andy Wells, St John’s needs you back to save us from the thin-skinned useless bunch currently at city Hall. We need Sheilagh and Dave and Doc and Gagway gone and we need a real leader who gets things done, at a reasonable cost, for the taxpayers. We’re sick of these foolish studies to assess the need to study the need for_____, we’re sick of busy-body pet projects, we’re sick of ineffectual policies and stupid bike lanes to nowhere all at massive cost. We’re sick of million-dollar golden parachutes. We need our roads fixed and the property taxes down, not plastic bag bans and feel-good programs for 0.01% of the population while sucking up grossly inflated amounts of our sparse dollars. Please come back and run for mayor. You’ve already got my vote (but I’ll spoil my ballot in protest if it’s more of these same idiots down in the bunker).” – ANON