The city says manganese levels are decreasing in the affected part of town, and is asking residents living in the Petty Harbour Long Pond Water Supply area (West End of the City) to notify them if you are still experiencing discoloured water.

You can do so via their free 311 St. John’s app, or by emailing, or calling 311.

“It appears that manganese levels in the raw, source water from the pond, as well as the treated water flowing through the distribution system, are decreasing,” the city says, “However, this does not mean that the issue has resolved.”

The City monitors the quality of our water daily, and complaints about discoloured water, especially in the summer, are common. Generally, they’re solved by flushing the system, but the issue with excess Manganese in this water supply is lingering.

While The City reminds residents that clear water is safe to drink, especially if it’s not brown, they also state that “Children under one year of age should have infant formula, infant food, or drinking water prepared with bottled water or an alternative water source.”

The City is still performing daily testing at both the water treatment facility and throughout the distribution system. “Although you may not have reported discoloured water to the City because we are aware of the problem, it would be helpful to know if you are still experiencing issues,” they say, so they may know where issues are still occurring.