Roger Andrews to Appear on Chopped Canada

Roger Andrews owns Relish Burgers, and is an instructor at the College of the North Atlantic. He’s the latest local chef to take a run at The Food Network’s highly competitive TV show, Chopped Canada. In a single episode, 4 chefs square off to make the best dish in consecutive rounds – an appetizer, an entree, and a desert. Ten seconds before starting, they’re shown 3-5 ingredients they have to use, then race against a clock to produce a dazzling dish before a timer goes off. A panel of judges kick out one competitor per round, based on what they’ve cooked up. Local chef Mark McCrowe (The Club, Aqua) has won the show in the past. Roger may as well: tune in June 6th episode to see if he bagged the $10,000 prize. It’s a themed episode: “Carnival.”

Margot Hand Had a Hand in Three Films at DeNiro’s Tribeca Film Festival

Local Filmmaker Margot Hand has been working away in the Vancouver film industry for some time now, and was in the news this week for having not 1, but three films in one of the world’s biggest indie film festivals: the Tribeca Film Festival. The festival takes place in New York City, as it was founded by Robert DeNiro to showcase New York’s thriving film scene. The movies she’s produced have been listed in a suggested top 20 not to miss by the festival itself. They include Meadowland (starring Luke Wilson), Tumbledown (starring Rebecca Hall) and Driftless Area (starring Zooey Deschanel). Getting three movies into a prestigious film festivals that receives tens of thousands of submissions is trifecta of Tribeca awesomeness.

Art Thief with a Conscious

Bar owner Brian Day decorated a wall of Christian’s Pub on George Street with three photos taken by his deceased father. One of which went missing this month, but after a plea to media about how his father lost a battle with cancer in December, and how he wanted to display this complete trio of photos at the memorial on the day he spreads his father’s ashes, the thief returned Day’s dad’s photo of Dildo Harbour.

First 2 Spats from Changes in Electoral Boundaries Afoot

The province is looking to eliminate eight seats from legislature “to save money,” (some notable people have argued it’s equally a political powerplay for the PCs). This will require a shift to a 40-seat, not 48-seat electoral map, and therefore an altering of political districts as they currently exist. The first bit of public outcry over these rezonings occurred when The Newfoundland and Labrador Boundaries Commission proposed splitting Marystown down the middle, tossing some of those residents into one district called “Burin-Grand Bank” and others into another called “Placentia West Bellevue.” The Commission’s rationale was that every district on the island needs to contain 13,550 people, +/- 10%, and keeping Marystown whole would make that impossible. But the smaller section of Marystown doesn’t want math messing with logic, and have declared their community has nothing in common with Bellevue. Marystown has been a single, unified entity since confederation and feel they ought to remain one. Corner Brook Mayor Charles Pender is also upset by the Boundary Committee’s suggestion of making Corner Brook a single district, not one split in two, because it means they’d no longer be the dominant voice in the two districts they used to have a say in, and this will be deleterious because Corner Brook is so frequently at odds with their surrounding communities. The new electoral maps would also eliminate Kilbride as an electoral district, lumping them and their concerns in with surrounding communities, effectively watering down their collective community voice.

Pinching Pennies for Pepsi Pays out 1 million

Botwood’s Caroline Leyte went to Shopper’s Drug Mart to get in on a 4 for $5 deal on Pepsis. She normally buys her lottery tickets elsewhere, but since she was in Shopper’s she bought one there, and now she can thank Pepsi eternally for putting her in the right lottery place at the right lottery time. She and her husband are now 1 million dollars richer. They were so shocked they won, they sat outside the store afraid to go in “looking like a fool” claiming to have a winning ticket. Caroline bought a box of Rice Krispies while her husband nervously checked the ticket. In the last five months, Newfoundlanders have won more than $14 million from the Atlantic Lottery Corporation.

Newfoundland University Completion Rate Could be Good-er

A recent report has declared that Newfoundland & Labrador’s Poor university completion record will hold us back from thriving economically. Without a university-educated workforce, the sentiment is a lack of bright-minded, innovative ideas, and an inability to venture into new markets, will not help us diversify and strengthen our economy beyond oil oil oil. The report revealed that university completion rate in NL is among the lowest in the country, despite having such low tuition and the biggest campus in Atlantic Canada. The study also revealed that “student skills in the K-12 system” are also bleak. Since we have the fastest growing education spending in the country, it’s been said government investment in education isn’t to blame. Reading and math skills are the most notably low.

Red Cross to the Rescue in Black Tickle

A lack of safe drinking water in Black Tickle (Labrador) led to a Red Cross intervention this week: they flew in supplies of bottled water. Residents are allowed 2 litres a day. Imagine living on rations of air-dropped water supplies. The town’s water supply became so clogged up with gunk it destroyed its filtration system.

Things are Literally Getting Ratty in St. John’s

Particularly around construction sites in downtown and surrounding neighbourhoods, there’s been a perceivable spike in rat sightings. Not mice, not shrews, RATS. Construction activity is known to disrupt and agitate rat populations, drawing them out more, and into the public eye. So, keep your ankle-high boots on a bit longer, despite the sun, to protect yourself from a bite, and keep your garbage contained so’s to not attract them to your lovely, vermin-free abodes. Councillor Galgay has been declaring that developers should be held accountable for mitigation plans for rodent control. It’s also been suggested to remove bird feeders from your premises, but c’mon, that’s a sin for the poor birds.