All Growed Up: New #Adulting Workshops Announced

“We also have a wonderful delegation of older ladies who are really committed to learning new skills in the later stage of life, I’m their biggest fan right now."

FreeForm Events have announced the fall line-up for their #Adulting workshop series. Upcoming workshops include: Basic Home Reno, Financial Peace, and Live Dear Abby.

FreeForm are a local company who organize events; they will step in at any point in the organizing process to make sure a client’s event draws a diverse crowd and goes off without a hitch.

Last April, the company launched their #Adulting workshop series, which aims to make being a grown-up a little less mystifying. Each class tackles a particular topic and offers participants tricks and tools for dealing with everything from “Feeding Yourself” to “How To Buy A House.”

“#Adulting is a series of workshops designed to make your life easier, and we say that realizing that sometimes being an adult is hard and requires knowing a lot of things that you might not have learned,” said company co-owner Mica McCurdy. “…We want to find a way to teach those things without it being scary or intimidating.“

So far the workshops have been a huge success, the first workshop of the new fall line-up “Basic Home Reno” sold out a week in advance. McCurdy says that for the most part the workshops have been attracting young professionals between the ages of 27 and 35.

“We also have a wonderful delegation of older ladies who are really committed to learning new skills in the later stage of life, I’m their biggest fan right now,” McCurdy added. “ These sessions are open to anyone, we just want people who are interested in learning something new.”

After the “Basic Home Reno” workshop happening this weekend, FreeForm will be offering a “Financial Peace” workshop. The class will be facilitated by Jon Dalton, who’ll answer questions about financial planning with the understanding that everyone has different financial goals.

“We’ve been lucky with the #Adulting series, we’ve formed partnerships with professionals in the city so that we can give our workshop participants access to an actual expert should they need someone after the event,” McCurdy said.

The final workshop of the fall season, “Live Dear Abby,” will focus on dealing with emotions and navigating relationships in a mature and responsible way. Participants will be invited to submit personal questions in advance that will be discussed by a panel of well-being experts.

“I don’t know about you, but I love reading my horoscope and reading advice columns, and I’m kind of obsessed with astrology” McCurdy said. “I’m looking for someone to explain to me why I feel the way I feel, about literally anything – ‘Live Dear Abby’ is a fun take on that.”

FreeForm is hoping to continue the popular series and they want to hear people’s questions about how to be a bonafide adult. If you have suggestions of future workshop topics or you’d like to buy tickets to a workshop you can contact FreeForm through their Facebook page or website.

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