Google the artist + Bandcamp, or Soundcloud, or music, and in most instances you’ll find the album:

Adam Foran
AE Bridger – Down Stairs
akogold – you are (right) here
Alive Underground – Snippets
All Canadian Farmer
am-fm dreams – Post
Basic Program
The Bathmats – The Bathmats
The Beagles – Cosmic Tiger
Belted Mutter – Bunker
The Black Auks – Rubber Chicken Soup
Black Market Hard-Tack – Mass for Shut-Ins
Bunny .B. Nasty – Soundtrack for a Detective Mystery
Cara Lee Coleman – Rockets of Desire
The Cause – Phoned In
Chad Pelley – Kick Me I’m Down
Chief Rascal – Start Now
the chim lees – the chim lees
Corner Brook Last Gasp Jam 2017
Crisis Averted
Dad Magazine
Dan Ficken – D-Structured – RPM 2017
Dani Bailey – Sunshine Boy, Sunscreen Baby
Dave Bruce and Gary Kirby – Fog
Dave Mundy – Ripe
Dean Sea – Unearthed
Deep Sky Pilots
Dersomebys – Dersomebys
dèmentis – mainstream hollow
dicke Nüsse – BRIEFS (RPM 2017)
Dirty Pandes – Pale Blue Dot
Don Don – (some what) Unfinished Buisness
Door Lock (Maggie Burton & Chris McGee) – Hexensee
dowJONESnow – Hey Kid!
Dylan Rose – Room For Two
EB Reid – Offerings
EB Reid – Spasm
Elephant and the Bubbler
ellen grace – music for speeches
Elling Lien
Ethan Gough – This Is Me
Evan Andrew – We Are Nothing
Evelyn Jess – The Veil
Executive Producer – Executive Decision
Fantasy House 5 – The High
Few Skippers – Dahderedaday
Flakey – don’t count on us
Gary Lamkin
Ginko – Trial & Error
Goddammit – Taxed into Oblivion
Gothic Architecture
Got it on Tape – Tales from the Basement
Grand Bank
Grey Rainbow
Happy Apples – Deep Fat Freud
Holly Whalen
Jack E Tar
Jacob Cherwick – You Get What You Get
Jeff Cook – RPM 2017
Jeff Foran – Be Positive
Jim McEwan – Stories and Songs
JLeamon – Pathways
Julia – Witches Walk Amongst You
Kurtis Rodgers
Land of the Lakes – Pink Rabbit
LazZzy Eye – sand in my mouth
Les Noceurs – Fancy Pants (The Awesome Album)
Light Pollution is a Crime Against Humanity – RPM 2017
Logy Bay Groovers – Live at the Rose & Thistle Feb 3 2017
Lost in the Woods in the Dark
Maggie DaLin Rose Holden – Adventure Series
Mannlicher Carcano Radio Hour
Matt Cole
Matt Fancy – Staffroom
Medians – spaces
Menzem – Dream Come True
Mimi Stockland – New Reflections
Mindset Trickster
Moan – ⚰
Monica Walsh
Mother’s Garden – Natural Society
Moyst & Steffi – Waking Life
Navigator Black – Ultra
Nelson Muntz – 51% Chicken
No Shoes White Socks – All Day Breakfast
OKaFee – RPM 2017
Park Day – Sentient
People On Pause – Thought U New
Personal Space Invaders (Brian Downton) – Anything Anytime Always
Phyllis Hancock & Alicia Dean – No Apologies 2
Positronic Brain – Resistance Is Futile
RC Coola – Answer Zero (2017)
Red Noise
Renders – Path of Most Resistance
The Robinovitches – ST
Round and Round (Wallace Hammond)
Rozalind MacPhail – SUNSET SUNRISE
Sad Tax – Radical Pastel Mercy
Sidewalk Calculators – Sidewalk Calculators
Skanes – RPM 2017 Beat Tape
Snow Squalls
The St. John’s Punk Collective
Steel Cut Notes
Steve Maloney – Room With a View
Steve Power – Absolute Hot
Testatrix – Letting You In
Thinwolf – Another Night
This is Terrible – Gravy! The Musical
Triple Threat – Triple Threat
(the ubiquitous) gazelle – the newfie “a”
Uke Nukem Any Hummers Allowed In
Vandertramp – Dichotomy
Various (Brilliant Young) Artists – Cool Clean Meadow
Victor Lewis – FORMICA
Virginia E Barry
VocalX Choir
Whisper Room – 3PBTG6YSK9
Young’s – Home