The Overcast’s annual Albedo Grant gives a local, community-bettering endeavour a pot of cash to help them do their thing. The emphasis is on start-ups or an organization facing a specific financial barrier to growth. This year’s pot is $12,500, courtesy of sponsors/jurors Dean MacDonald, John O’Dea, and Phil Keeping’s family. We will reveal this year’s top 5 contenders, one a day all week long, before announcing the winner as May’s cover story. 

Who Are Holy Grail Donut Pop-up Shoppe and What’s Their Plan?

Amanda Bulman, Nick Van Mele,  and Justine Thompson are three chefs who met while working together at the Reluctant Chef, where Amanda was Garde Manger, Nick was the Sous, and Justine was the pastry chef.

Nowadays the trio are best known for Holy Grail – the donuts causing pandemonium around town. We’re talking literal lines out the door, of people dying to get in before the donuts sell out. Because they always do.

“At this point, we’ve crafted over ten thousand donuts. We create elaborate flavours including: strawberry and champagne, cilantro sugar with Thai Chili, Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bacon, etc. We give them fun pun names like, “Ferris Crueller.”

… and, long story short, that’s about all we can say about this finalist without letting a cat out of a bag! If they win, your favourite donut trio are looking to do more than ever, while supporting the entrepreneurs in their community in the same way they themselves have always been supported.